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    Problems, we’ve got a few

    Problems, we’ve got a few

    Reader Manny has to suffer through NYC subway nanny state posters day in and day out, like this one which he sent a while back:

    It has been a while since I emailed but you still remain my favorite Blogger on my reader roll.

    I use the NYC subway every morning to work and each day I’m subjected to Mayor M. Bloomberg’s nanny state advertisements. I always wanted to take pics and send them to you but I didn’t have a camera phone until last week.

    So I was glad to hear recently that Manny finally found one he could live with:

    Manhattan Mini Storage usually runs obnoxious anti conservative ads but this one I agree with.


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    janitor | August 10, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    It would be nice if all the food brouhaha were at least accurate. Where are the government warnings against aspartame, which is a poison, and other artificial sweeteners. Where is the government clamping down against MSG and the stuffing of processed foods with high fructose corn syrup. Where was the government when Monsanto cronied the FDA into allowing bovine growth hormone into milk. Ditto the propaganda in favor of “non-fat” and against saturated fat (which is NOT harmful — it’s trans fats that are harmful). What in heck was the FDA thinking years ago when it removed most vitamin and mineral content from food labels, instead substituting nonsense that snookers the public, such as the touting of edible garbage as not having fat. Where is the government caution against genetically modified foods. Why aren’t the regulators cracking down on nonsense from corporate farming, e.g. Monsanto’s abusive lawsuits against neighbor farmers whose crops have been contaminated with Monsanto’s genetically modified seed. Where are the government concerns about chickens crammed into such close and toxic environments that they have to be pumped full of antibiotics, which go right into people’s food. Etc.

    The eat healthy campaigns amount to a load of horseshit to snow the public and obscure the real issues.

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