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    Legal Insurrection readers’ Chick-fil-A photos

    Legal Insurrection readers’ Chick-fil-A photos

    We’ve been compiling Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day photos here and on our google map (click to see the map here).

    Tim, Knoxville, TN

    Tom, Grand Junction, CO

    L, Tulsa, OK

    Anonymous, Peabody, MA

    Allison, Ocala, FL


    Celia, San Antonio, TX

    Nick, Hilton Head, SC

    Kim, Racine, WI

    Mori, Oceanside, CA

    Barbara, Olmsted, OH

    Calvin, Spring, TX

    Ray, Merritt Island, FL

    Bryan, Idaho Falls, ID

    Emilio, Manassas, VA

    Jusuchin, Manassas, VA

    Glenn, Greenville, SC

    Aric, St. Louis, MO

    Julia, Madison, MS

    Michael, Asheville, NC

    Katie, Austin, TX

    Chris, Louisville, KY

    Greg, Phoenix, AZ

    Tom, New Orleans, LA

    Chris, Frederick, MD

    Don, Surprize, AZ

    Roy, Redlands, CA

    Pepper, West Valley City, UT

    Maureen, St. Simon’s Island, GA

    Ray, Gaithersburg, MD

    Greg, Westfield, IN

    John, Hendersonville, NC

    Tim, Knoxville, TN

    Ric, Sterling Park, VA

    WJJ, Westminster, MD

    Jim, Oxnard, CA

    Jim, Cedar Rapids, IA

    Peter, Richmond, VA

    The Duchess of Kitty, Tomball, TX, drive-through

    S, Charlotte, NC

    Tabitha, Los Angeles, CA

    Angie, Wake Forest, NC

    Scott, Owasso, OK

    Bill, Brentwood, TN

    Lee, Monroe, NC

    GM, Valencia, CA

    Laurie, Parkville, MD


    Bill, Franklin, TN

    A, Falls Church, VA

    Lee, Newport Beach, CA

    Bronwyn, Tustin, CA

    Phil, Loganville, GA

    Cherry, Rome, GA

    D, Roseville, CA

    John, Schaumburg, IL, (video)

    Meg and David, Jacksonville, FL

    Jim, Concordville, PA

    Russ, Fresno, CA

    The Tamminator, University of Minnesota

    Jennifer, Gilbert, AZ

    Bradenton, FL

    From Mama AJ, Bossier City, LA:

    Michael’s wife, Katy, TX

    John, Virginia Beach, VA: the line of cars waiting to get into the CFA lot.

    Jeanne, Fort Worth, TX

    Greg, Pasadena, TX

    Ulises, Hunt Valley, MD

    Brian, Ontario, CA


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    huskers-for-palin | August 2, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    UPDATE: Omaha, NE CFA Express

    Thursday, August 2nd

    “Due to greater-than-expected sales Wednesday, we can only offer a limited menu today. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and plan to have full menu tomorrow”


    dszyszlo | August 3, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    I am for gay marriage, and further more I don’t care if they marry a dog as long as they are consenting adults and can say I do… Freedom of Speech. I am able to say I am for and our country has come a long way. What if you were not able to say you support… gay marriages which was not so long ago without being targeted. The same goes for those you don’t believe it in. WE ALL HAVE THE SAME RIGHT TO VOICE OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHTS… without being terrorized. Where do some get the right to go after others that do not feel the same way you do. I will get bashed for believing in it and those will get bashed for not. I am getting really confused where some feel they can push their beliefs on other. Including the President Obama who opposed Gay marriage until it was not politically correct for a vote. Why, because those that do not believe in gay marriage will still vote for Obama, those who believe would not so the change of view by Obama, their blinders that can not get past their bullying behavior to push their rights on others. Via Chick-fil-A Protests. It doesn’t go both ways. We all have the right to believe in what we believe in. Double standard in this country lately. I thought I lived in America Freedom Of Speech. Well off of my soap box, good thing I don’t have a restaurant chain where all those could protest my right to Freedom Of Speech and my beliefs that does not interfere with anyone else. Double standards do not make good since nor does it fight for your rights, it just makes you look ignorant on both sides of this subject~

    […] Prof. Jacobson has photos from all over the country, and an interactive map, which is very […]

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