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    Is Joe Biden setting up health (or insanity) defense to renomination?

    Is Joe Biden setting up health (or insanity) defense to renomination?

    Joe Biden’s behavior is becoming more and more questionable.  Hardly a day passes in which Biden doesn’t say something really strange.

    The put “y’all back in chains” comment, saying he was in North Carolina when he actually was in Virginia, and forgetting which century we are in, are just the latest.

    While Obama is standing by Biden, the rumor mill has been working for months about Obama ditching Biden for Hillary, and it is growing.  Anne wrote about Hillary’s “brand renovation” in June, asking “where is she heading?”

    Some even are saying Sarah Palin’s recommendation that Obama swap out his VP was a move to cut off that line of retreat.

    Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney says the President’s lunch with Biden and Hillary is “routine.”  They officially have until September 6, when the nominating process occurs at the Democratic National Convention, to make the decision.

    Just this week, Biden opened a speech referencing his prior aneurysms.

    One has to wonder, if it’s either the history of aneurysms or the equivalent of an insanity plea, is Biden setting up a health defense to renomination — bowing out for the good of the party while not admitting he knowingly did anything wrong.

    I think it is highly unlikely, but is Biden dropping out something we should not wish for too hard because we may get it?

    I think so.  I say let Joe be Joe.


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    Palin knows that Democrats immediately reject anything she says, so I think it’s very possible that she spoke out to prevent Obama from adding Hillary to the ticket. Obama-Clinton would be a much more formidable ticket than Obama-Biden, although I’m not convinced Hillary would see this as a win for her.

    However, I’m not convinced Biden is acting off-the-cuff. He was the one who first broached recognizing gay marriage, just before Obama “evolved” on the issue. In retrospect, I think Biden was deliberately testing the waters on gay marriage. I think Biden is doing the same thing here, only this time the Obama campaign is about to play the racism card.

      bjm in reply to DRJ. | August 16, 2012 at 6:50 pm

      Exactly. Biden floats an idea…tests the political waters…then Obama makes his move.

      Biden may not have been the sharpest knife in the Congressional drawer, but he wasn’t known as Senator MasterCard for nothing.

    JEBurke | August 16, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    In all seriousness, what is most offputting about Biden lately — to me — is not so much his words as it is his affect. He raises his voice wierdly in ways that don’t sinch up with his message. He smiles and laughs at points that seem inappropriate. It is almost what you would expect to see happening to someone who is beginning to show symptoms of neurological disease.

    Maybe he’ll get Warren on the ticket? That would be good. Hillary? Not so good.

    The Onion should do an article about how Biden is upset by all of Obama’s gaffes.

    jakee308 | August 16, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Or is he trying to abandon ship while the abandoning is good?

    Me, I’d be sending my resume’s out by the ream to any place west of the Potomac. (under an assumed name)

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