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    Is Elizabeth Warren tanking? PPP poll shows Brown surge

    Is Elizabeth Warren tanking? PPP poll shows Brown surge

    I joked the other day about Elizabeth Warren’s Mike Dukakis Tank moment.

    Maybe tanking was the right word, because a PPP poll just released shows Warren 5 points behind and Warren’s negatives rising dramatically (emphasis mine):

    PPP’s newest poll on the Massachusetts Senate race finds Scott Brown opening up a 5 point lead, 49-44. This is the first time Brown has led in one of our polls since June of 2011. Our last poll, in June of this year, found a tie and the two before that had modest leads for Elizabeth Warren.

    Brown continues to do well because of his personal popularity and because voters see him as different from the Republican Party as a whole. 53% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 36% who disapprove. Incumbents with those kinds of approval numbers generally don’t lose. Brown’s approval has improved a net 14 points from March when he was at +3 (45/42). Warren’s numbers are headed in the other direction. On that poll her favorability was 46/33 and now it’s 46/43- her negatives have risen 10 points over the last five months while her positives have remained unchanged.

    Got that?  Warren’s negatives have risen 10%.  I’m not about to take any credit for that.

    Oh, hell, on an akin, breakin day like this, I need to cheer myself us, so I’ll take a small bit of the credit for helping to expose the truth, which necessarily would cause Warren’s negatives to rise.

    I’ll leave it to others to see if there are any sampling differences which might explain the change from the prior poll by PPP.  I’m just going to take whatever good news I can get today without question.

    And I’ll add this, from Cole DeLaune writing at Indian Country Today, accusing Warren of “spiritual genocide” and calling her a “pathological revisionist”:

    In Warren’s model of ethnic distinction, neither practical experience nor community affiliation applies; one can simply appropriate the mantle of Cherokee lineage at personal discretion. Per this formulation, the disparities between discrete cultures are meaningless, and Professor Warren is effectively championing a subtle variety of spiritual genocide.

    A November victory for this pathological revisionist will legitimize abjectly appalling notions about indigenous identity….

    If you disagree with Professor Warren’s assault on the Indian landscape, please consider recording a brief statement on your mobile phone or laptop for the Natives United Against Warren campaign and submitting your message ([email protected]) via e-mail. The professor’s actions demand a vigorous and unmitigated response lest her destructive and assimilatory species of racist ruse—an increasingly grotesque variant of intellectual blackface—prevails.

    More to come.  Trust me on that.


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