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    I have seen my future

    I have seen my future

    and it is Ithaca, in about two weeks after a summer in Rhode Island.

    This is Rhode Island, at the beach near my house a few days ago at dusk:

    This is Ithaca, on a street near my house a few weeks ago during a short return trip:


    What, me worry?


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    Ah, the gimmie bumper sticker. Government Is My Mother In Everything.

    I’m going to go ahead and put that “Ithaca is Gorges” sticker on my list of bumper stickers I never want to see again. It joins the company of:

    that one about well-behaved women
    that one about the military holding bake sales
    Think globally Act locally
    Calvin urinating on anything
    Mean People Suck
    Pro-choice Pro-child
    My kid is an honor student at…

    I only have two stickers on my car but I am still crazy. One is Mickey Mouse surfing above the logo for Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and the other pokes fun at the honor student sticker and reads: Your Honor Student is Merely a Pawn in My Dachshund’s Diabolical World Domination Plot.

    The principles engendered by the articles of faith embraced by the hedonistic secular cult was and continues to be the cause of the worst human and civil rights violations throughout the world. This includes the enslavement of people, irrespective of their features; the mass murder of hundreds of millions of people; the annual murder of nearly one million children in American alone; and the progressive involuntary exploitation of individuals and their labor. They live in the moment and are committed to normalizing behaviors which constitute evolutionary dysfunction. The bobble head behind the wheel should reconsider its reliance on bumper stickers to convey truth and a coherent perspective of reality.

    extinct is not forever. don’t these people ever see jurassic park? duh…

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