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    FRC shooting suspect was volunteering at DC LGBT Community Center

    FRC shooting suspect was volunteering at DC LGBT Community Center

    It has just been confirmed that Family Research Council shooting suspect Floyd Corkins II had been volunteering at the DC Center for the LGBT Community for the past six months.

    From the AP:

    David Mariner is executive director of The DC Center for the LGBT Community. He says Corkins had been volunteering at the center for about the past 6 months. Mariner describes Corkins as “kind, gentle and unassuming.”

    Corkins, in his late 20s, is the suspect in the shooting that occurred in the lobby of the Family Research Council headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C., Wednesday morning. According to law enforcement officials, Corkins made negative comments about the FRC prior to shooting security guard Leo Johnson in the arm. Corkins also reportedly had a Chick-fil-A bag with him at the time.

    As of 6pm Wednesday evening, the White House has not released a statement regarding the shooting.


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    Juba Doobai! | August 15, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    The homosexual community is forgetting that there are more of us than there are of them. They are forgetting the tolerance of Judaeo-Christians: orthodox in our beliefs, we do not seek to harm them only to limit their influence to transform our society radically. They forget that we do not treat homosexual after the manner of Islamic countries. They forget we vote and every action like this brings more people to our cause. In the true manner of Communists, what they cannot achieve by consent, they seek to wrest by force. Good luck with that.

    […] Was Volunteer at LGBT Center Posted at 8:47 on August 15, 2012 by Jim Hoft Haters will hate. A LGBT volunteer carrying bag of Chick-fil-A ‘goodies’ shot up the conservative Family Research Center […]

    Notice we haven’t heard a peep out of the Main Stream Morons about his “political” affiliations. As soon as I see a story about a shooting event like this, and I don’t see a political affiliation label or any discussion of the shooter’s background (or a ‘we don’t know enough to comment’ claim) then I KNOW that the shooter is a LIBERAL or MARXIST and the Main Stream Morons are trying to BURY it so their precious little social-engineering doesn’t get tarred and feathered with the (very appropriate) “extremist” label.

    Everybody should be calling out the Main Stream Morons for their hypocrisy. Within minutes of the Wisconsin shooting, they were calling the shooter a “Right Wing Extremist” (Extremist, yes; right wing, not hardly). This guy is a LEFTIST, and the media suddenly clams up.

    janitor | August 15, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    Odd. I’ve been kind of busy today. Just checked google news for the first time. Where are the screaming headlines? This is not even on the page.

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