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    Did I miss the national dialogue and soul searching over the FRC shooting?

    Did I miss the national dialogue and soul searching over the FRC shooting?

    I was somewhat distracted the past couple of weeks getting College Insurrection up and running.

    So I guess I missed the national dialogue and soul searching over anti-Christian rhetoric and the War on Christianity being conducted by the SPLC and various groups which cite the SPLC as the authority on what is hate speech and who is a hate group.

    The shooting at the Family Research Council now is out of the news.  We’ve moved on as a nation and a people.

    Funny how that happened.

    I really need to pay better attention to things.


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    Subotai Bahadur | August 25, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    There was a two part “soul searching” on the Left triggered by the FRC shooting and the aftermath; but it is being held privately. First and foremost, the Left wanted to know how they lost control so badly. The media failed horribly in its mission to cover the thing up completely. It actually, despite their best efforts, became a matter of public knowledge to some degree. Heads will roll over this one.

    Second, there are top level sessions going on right now I am sure. Somehow the shooter, despite being an archtypical progressive, failed in getting by security undetected. They want to know what went wrong.

    Subotai Bahadur

    I posted this link to the tip line yesterday but I believe it’s apropos here.

    They agree with the shooter, therefore there is nothing to talk about. No shame needed in this incident.

    Godbotherers. Nothing to see. Move along.

    Oh btw, they bystanders shot at the Empire State Building were all shot by the cops. Opps. Maybe Bloomberg should work on some range training for those peace officers of his.

    Your suggestion for range training is on target, unlike their shooting. Police, of all people, need to practice gun control when other citizens are in the area.

    Did I miss the national dialogue and soul searching over the FRC shooting?

    I’ve been wondering, too. Also, has DHS added militant gays to their terrorist watch list?

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