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    Did I miss the national dialogue and soul searching over the FRC shooting?

    Did I miss the national dialogue and soul searching over the FRC shooting?

    I was somewhat distracted the past couple of weeks getting College Insurrection up and running.

    So I guess I missed the national dialogue and soul searching over anti-Christian rhetoric and the War on Christianity being conducted by the SPLC and various groups which cite the SPLC as the authority on what is hate speech and who is a hate group.

    The shooting at the Family Research Council now is out of the news.  We’ve moved on as a nation and a people.

    Funny how that happened.

    I really need to pay better attention to things.


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    TeaPartyPatriot4ever | August 25, 2012 at 11:52 pm

    Professor, I understand the need to expose these liberal hate mongers for their hypocrisy and projection. But the best way to defeat them, which is not to say exposing their hypocrisy if not worthwhile, is to always be on offense, to make them defensive about their hatred, projection, lies, propaganda, etc, in our approach, strategy, tactics, and implementation of that strategy.

    It is us who should be making a list of hate groups / organizations, people, etc., for it is the truth and state who, what, where, and why they are hate groups, post it and affirm it.

    This is but one example of what I am talking about, as it applies to all areas in and of the political and social arena.

    Otherwise, we will never defeat them in the minds of the public perception war.. For when you are attacked and do nothing but play defense, if that, you only play into their hands, and eventually lose that war..

    False accusations, allegations, etc, instills in the minds of the public the perception and image of those accusations and remains there unless countered immediately, repudiated, and so on..

    To avoid those propagandist lies from being instilled in the minds of the public in the first place, you must be on offense and make your assertions of their hatred and despotic dogmatic ideology of truth first in the minds of the public.

    This is a crucial strategy that Republicans just are not willing to do, for they pretty much spineless jellyfish in a sea of parasitic piranha’s and sharks.. This what and why Conservatives are always the ones who have to fight the battles for Republicans, while they sit back and spit in our faces, and side with liberals in attacking us, and take credit for all we do to win elections and political battles all across the Nation.

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