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    Conservatives – good at buycotts, bad at boycotts

    Conservatives – good at buycotts, bad at boycotts

    Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day has proven something I’ve noticed before.

    Conservatives are very good at buycotts, but very bad at boycotts.

    There have been attempts by some conservative and religious groups to boycott various businesses over political issues. But I can’t think of one, at least not recently, that has caught on.

    Or that has been as nasty, vicious and sustained as the boycotts and intimidation of businesses run by Color of Change, The “Human Rights Campaign,” Media Matters, the anti-Israel BDS movement, and other left wing groups.

    I’m not saying there haven’t been conservatives who have tried to run nasty and vicious boycotts, but doing so on a regular and sustained basis is the province of the left.  And the left does it so much better.

    Today proves, however, that conservatives can do buycotts quite well.

    I think the buycott-boycott divide reflects the personalities of the conservative and liberal movements in the age of Obama.

    The threat to free speech represented by the actions of the liberal political leaderships in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, D.C., New York, and Philadelphia should be the ultimate wake up call.

    If given the chance, the liberal boycott movement will cross the line, and there will be many politicians willing to help them do it.

    Which is why it is so important to fight the boycotts — don’t let them get near the line.

    Update:  h/t HotAir


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    It’s not enough to buycott Chick-fil-A. We need the same amount of enthusiasm and turnout on November 6th if we want to get rid of Obama.

    Awing1 | August 2, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    Just as a note, the Family Research Council would disagree that conservatives are bad at boycotts:

    Phillep Harding | August 2, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    Just scanned the responses, not read them. Looks like people have accepted the main idea of the post.

    Actually, there is something else going on, IMO, and that is publicity.

    Conservative boycotts do not get a lot of publicity from the legacy media, so they look smaller and less effective than they are. The nattering class does not even know what is going on.

    If the general public did know, there would be a very different selection of movies and television shows around, and networks that show up Fox news as pandering to the left.

    stukinIL4now | August 2, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    As I posted elsewhere yesterday, here’s the difference:
    The left criticizes, threatens, divides, boycotts, harms, breaks down, destroys.
    The right cares, gives, tolerates, unites, encourages, creates, supports, builds up, and as you cleverly put it, buycotts.

    And yesterday was just a dry run for Nov 6.

    Even in the Liberal sate of California the line wrapped around the building.

    I got there around 6:30pm and the line was about the same length when I left. One employee said it was like that all day. California, remember we voted against gay marriage.

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