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    Ann Romney skewers that big talking phony, without mentioning his name

    Ann Romney skewers that big talking phony, without mentioning his name

    The key moment for me in Ann Romney’s speech was when she said that Mitt doesn’t like to talk about how he helps others:

    Mitt doesn’t like to talk about how he has helped others because he sees it as a privilege, not a political talking point.

    That was the home run of the evening, if people were listening.

    It summed up for me so much of what is wrong with the other guy, without mentioning the other guy.  He is a poser, a money-hungry power-grabbing phony who brags about how much he cares about others while lining his pockets and playing people off against each other to advance himself.  I saw through his stage act early on, as the rest of the nation had the tingles.

    And the same can be said for many of that other guy’s most vocal supporters, who pad resumes with public service because it looks good and helps their career advancement.  The Hollywood moguls and entertainers who want the government to take more of what you have but don’t voluntarily pony up themselves.  The Elizabeth Warrens of the world who lecture everyone else endlessly about the need to pay more taxes while amassing fortunes through exorbitant salaries enabled by the fact that their employers are tax exempt.

    I hope people heard the powerful message in that sentence.

    As an aside, what really shocked me was when I channel surfed to the networks and saw Bob Schieffer and many others gushing with praise.  I could barely stand more than a couple of minutes of MSNBC, but reaction in the sane world was much more positive than I expected.

    Here’s the full speech:


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    beloved2 | August 29, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    What a contrast of this lovely patriotic wife to the “angry black woman” (barack¨s words)
    Very noticeable was her phrasing of “blessed with five sons” when did Americans stop using that word when speaking of their children? Now it is Juan¨s vulgarity of popping out babies
    I watched on PBS but that silly commentator; Gwen made the stupid statement to Newt Gingrich that there was no diversity at the convention immediately before Ted Cruz
    The camera focused on the delegation from Texas during his speech showing two black men; one wearing the lone star shirt and hat and the other wearing a suit: then the camera showed a Native American delegate wearing traditional jewelry and shirt and another one sitting between two Anglo ladies:
    There were two very dark men wearing the lone star shirt and hat who probably were Chicano:
    How about that lovely first lady of Puerto Rico, Luce´ Fortuño speech¿

    “…Is it true that Mitt Romney closed down his firm, Bain Capital, and flew 30 workers to New York to look for the missing daughter of one of his colleagues?…”


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