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    Why are people panicking?

    Why are people panicking?

    The discussion in the video below (h/t jimzinsocal)  is pretty good on where the campaign stands.  Krauthammer is hard on Romney for failing to score hard blows on Obama over the economy, something echoed by Bill Kristol.

    Am I concerned?  Sure.  At least based on chatter, it looks like while Obama is missing big hits on Bain, he may be driving a theme through repetition in states like Ohio.

    It may run the risk of relitigating the primaries, but I also agree with the points made in this clip about the need to hit Obama harder from an ideological perspective.  He’s not a “nice guy” although he is in “over his head.”

    We’re hitched to a horse, and the same people who are complaining are the ones who hitched us.

    Given that, at what point do expressions of concern become defeatism?


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    david7134 | July 9, 2012 at 11:29 am

    A political campaign is like a piece of music. You don’t start the music with all of the orchestra; you build up to a crescendo. If you made any points in Ohio, those people would not even remember them in 4 months. Remember, they are Americans and have a memory capacity of days, not weeks.

    Romney’s strongest point is that he is not Obama. The people who voted for Obama in 08 were fools, those that vote for him in 12 will be stupid fools. How do you make points with that bunch?

    The point that Romney needs to play is that Obama is unstable. That is why no one is investing. It is the reason I am out of the market. It I put money into an industry I would be worried that Obama might wake up the next day and either take over the business or outlaw it. The main thing that Reagan did to improve the economy was to show he was a man of character and sense. That alone made people more confident and things began to happen.

    The democrat media wanted Romney as the GOP candidate, and they got him. He’s behaving exactly how they expected him to.

    We can’t accept this — unless everyone wants 4 more years of a lunatic calling himself ‘Barack Obama.’ We’d be better off going down fighting than going down in a whimper like we did with McCain.

    […] Still, according to polls, Obama is slightly ahead in all battleground states, hence the panic in some quarters.  From the latter link: Barack Obama believes that politics is a knife fight, and […]

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