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    The shape of things to come

    The shape of things to come

    A reader writes (emphasis mine):

    Devoted, and unregistered, reader, first time emailer.

    It seems the GOP has a “Read my lips” moment here with Obama promising no tax increase. The ad practically writes itself. I guess they’d never throw Bush I under the bus with the juxtaposition, but someone should.

    My family of four currently spends $18,000.00 per year on insurance premiums. I am self-employed. Our premiums jumped $2,400.00 this year in anticipation of the costs of ACA. At the same time, my wife’s healthcare savings account at work informed us that her contributions had been capped by the Feds at, I believe, $2,500.00/year. So there’s another grand that ACA has already cost us before any ultimate tax increases that will surely arise to pay for the cost of this experiment in statist socialism.

    I can hunt and garden. Am very tempted to drop out altogether. We will survive without the government.

    By the way, we are in DC this weekend, where everything is government run. It is a total disaster. Have not seen one government employee or work crew on the streets, which are a total free for all due to no working traffic signals. The shape of things to come.

    I got caught on a Supershuttle last night where the whole van excoriated conservatives for their stupid and ignorant opposition to Obamacare, which is going to solve all our problems. I nearly bit through my tongue to avoid being lynched. When I got out, I gave the driver $5 and told him it was a tip from the Tea Party. He was literally dumbstruck. I told him we’d see how great Obamacare looks in November.

    Sorry to rant. We all need to speak up politely, but forcefully. He knew exactly what I meant. We also need to steer our dollars away from these sympathizers when we can. Vote with your pocketbook.

    I’m also a professional video producer. I got tired of a freelance editor wishing death to Dick Cheney on Facebook, so I quit giving him business. It got his attention. And not because I’m a Cheney fan. Rather, it was the violent, eliminationist rhetoric that I could no longer abide. Why put money in his pocket?

    You have a wonderful blog. I send links to it constantly.

    Keep it up.



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    Valerie | July 3, 2012 at 11:47 am

    I agree that this is a time for fiscal conservatives and social conservatives to speak up, and I would add that it is time for liberals to speak up, too.

    The current administration and the Democratic Party at the national level are not living up to Liberal ideals. Liberals believe that ordinary people have both the right and the ability to make the best decisions for their families, without the interference of fake big shots, like bureaucrats. Liberals have a respect for scientific results and methods. Liberals have a respect for factual matters, and they detest people who lie for political advantage. Liberals detest venality in public service as a form of social injustice. These are all values they share with conservatives.

    Liberals appreciate what we’ve got in this country, and they worked with conservatives after the Vietnam war to set up rules that allow ordinary people to find out what their government is doing.

    Liberals who have bothered to educate themselves about the current news are angry with the current administration and the Democratic party for their multiple failures to live up to Liberal ideals, for the corruption, stupidity, and venality exhibited by far too many people in high public office, and for the diversion of our national treasure to the pockets of a bunch of already-rich white people.

    This administration is radical, corrupt, and stupid. If you keep that in mind when you are talking to Liberals, and are willing to give them facts to support those 3 points, you’ll start finding ground pretty quickly.

    PS. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I’ve been seeing a lot of push ads on right-wing sites alleging that those nasty right-wingers want to ban contraception. Yeah, you’re being lied about.

    Henry Hawkins | July 3, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    I hear Romney’s words, “on my first day in office I will take actions to end Obamacare,” and I am reassured for the moment. Then I look at the potential governing triumvirate of Romney, Boehner, and McConnell, wherein Romney has already agreed with Obama it is not a tax, McConnell has said, just yesterday, that the odds were against repealing Obamacare, and Boehner is, well, Boehner, hardly a willing fighter, and all ssurances are lost, rendered meaningless to me by the record of the GOP since 2000.

    In 2010, powered by the grassroots Tea Party movement, the GOP won by a landslide up and down the ticket, and while many states are enjoying the benefits of the changeover to a more conservative approach to governance, at the federal level we see little in the way of any stomach for the tough fight made necessary by holding just the House.

    Tom Hagen: “Mike, why am I out?”

    Michael Corleone: “You’re not a wartime consigliere. Things may get rough with the move.”

    Should Obama be defeated in November, I see a definitive lack of spine among our likely generals in the ensuing battle over Obamacare, the foremost of many Obama initiatives and actions requiring redress by a GOP administration and congress.

    Romney, Boehner, and McConnell are not wartime leaders.

      CalMark in reply to Henry Hawkins. | July 3, 2012 at 12:40 pm

      So, let’s all give lots of money to Boehner’s opponent. It may be tough, but our goal should be to unseat Boehner. Either that, or demolish him politically so that his credibility is gone and he won’t be made speaker.

      It’s unlikely we’d lose the House by a single seat, so call it a tactical loss of for a strategic victory.

      We, the People, have two huge problems:
      1. Our most effective leaders (Palin, Gingrich) get beaten down nobody defends them;
      2. Our legislators are drunk with power and unafraid of us.

      In short, Boehner, McConnell, and the rest of the D.C. Republican are frauds. Their loyalty is to the Democrats, not the people who elect them.

        Henry Hawkins in reply to CalMark. | July 3, 2012 at 2:14 pm

        If Romney doesn’t win, it’s all academic considering what has to occur for Obama to win and what it likely does down ticket. If Romney does win, we have… Romney. but all he has to do is sign what a (hopefully) GOP congress sends him. Now we look at the GOP congressional leadership of Boehner and McConnell and….. *sigh*.

        It’s a pipe dream, never happen, but I’d love to see the GOP party leadership sit down behind closed doors and face facts:

        1) Our country faces an existential threat from within – statism.

        2) If we defeat Obama, it is far more than just Obamacare that must be reversed.

        3) Even then, health care is still in need of reform and we don’t have a comprehensive, easy to pitch plan.

        4) Even once we reverse all the Obama damages, we still have to reform entitlements.

        THEREFORE….. the GOP congressional leadership decides: We need to change out our leadership. Boehner, you’re out. You’re anice fellow, but not a wartime Speaker. Allen West (or?) is our new speaker, Paul Ryan his chief advisor. Mitch, you’re out. Jim Demint will take over the Senate. Each will make the necessary changes to committee chairmenships.

        And then the new team marches forward and simply gets.. it.. DONE.

        This is what I get for smoking dried unicorn dung.

          CalMark in reply to Henry Hawkins. | July 3, 2012 at 2:36 pm

          We have too many of old guard cowardly-lion losers. We need to get rid of them or frighten them into obeying us.

          Boehner = jerk loser. His election record: disasters in 2006, 2008; еarly 2009, surrendered and resigned to a 2010 wipeout worse than ’08–bailed out by the Tea Party, whom he proceeded to ignore and sneer at. He represents the GOP, not the people who put him into power.

          Maybe 2012 should be “Vote and Walk”: Vote for Romney, form a new party in time for the 2014 primaries.

      Jaynie59 in reply to Henry Hawkins. | July 3, 2012 at 1:29 pm

      It’s funny but I’ve been thinking about The Godfather, too. Except I think of Vito telling Sonny to never let anyone outside the family know what he’s thinking again, or when Michael tells Fredo to never side with anyone against the family again. Ever.

      Conservatives need to learn this lesson. Never, ever, show weakness to the enemy. But they can’t do it. Andrew Breitbart talked about “the narrative”. But conservative bloggers don’t get it. They not only fall for the narrative as defined by statists they help perpetuate it.

      They want to be liked by people who hate them, hate this country and everything it stands for. They’re weak.

        CalMark in reply to Jaynie59. | July 3, 2012 at 2:21 pm

        You are correct.

        “Conservative” media types mostly live in leftist places like NYC or D.C. It’s very distorting, and being media types who crave love and attention, they parrot left-wing conventional wisdom: Republicans must move to the center and “compromise” with (i.e., cave in to) Democrats. Liberalism is the eternal standard and conservatives should just accept it.

        Case in point: Herman Cain. American Spectator and NRO bloggers piled onto him with obscene glee. But let some lib get into trouble, and they’re terribly scrupulous about not jumping to conclusions.

        But, hey…at least these elite “conservative” folks make lots of nice liberal friends (they’re very proud of this, and love to write about it) and get invited to really cool cocktail parties.

          Henry Hawkins in reply to CalMark. | July 3, 2012 at 5:26 pm

          You can be the finest conservative journalist mind out there, but if you can’t get into and stay in print or on screen, you have nothing. So who, ideologically, controls most of the print and screen media and what is the price of their favor?

      Erick Erickson thinks we’re being played:

    DINORightMarie | July 3, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    I can hunt and garden. Am very tempted to drop out altogether. We will survive without the government.

    Seems to me there was something in the Food Control Act that Michelle O pushed down our collective throats against gardening – private gardening, that is.

    But and say it isn’t so, so I MUST be raaaacist/paranoid and just plain wwwrrrroooooonnnnngggggg! /sarc

    Heh. I also would add that in many places it is illegal to hunt, due to various zoning regulations, safety regulations, wildlife protection regulations, etc. So, hunting and gardening to provide food for yourself is already under assault. It will only get worse with this regime in control of DC!

    Reminds me of the days when poaching was a hanging offense – under the tyrant monarchy. And you paid a “tithe” to the lord who controlled ALL the land. Can you say, TYRANNY!?!?

    Which takes me to the tangent on federal land grabs….. Not to mention the stealth land grab of federal-owned and controlled Fannie & Freddie controlling nearly ALL mortgages in the US. (Key pull quote, “…Fannie and Freddie are now owned by the government and control most of the home loans in the country….”) [Note: sorry for the NPR link – they had the quote I was looking for.]

    Yeah. We’ve lost a LOT of our freedoms over the last few decades – and the tyrannical Obama regime has accelerated that rate.

    With the willing help of fellow-travelers like CJ Roberts, San Fran Nan, Dingy Harry, and their cabal.

    But – chin up!! Remember November. 😀

      BannedbytheGuardian in reply to DINORightMarie. | July 3, 2012 at 8:42 pm

      Congrats -you at least addresses one of the proclamations in the Email.

      I have stayed on a few communes in the USA. I can attest it is extremely hard work if it was not for their child labour no bread would be baked. 9 year olds were working as hard as they ever did in earlier days baking & 13 year olds were cooking meals (& no School ) for the commune.

      Of course they had no health insurance . One child had to have significant orthodontal work & a town dentist accepted 3 year s worth of vegetables.

      They made their own clothes but had to buy the fabric & shoes & pay electricity. THey did not hunt because they were vegs & the land was pretty much hunted out anyhow.

      This Email is a cross between being bravado & suicidal.

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