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    Thank you Elizabeth Warren (for possibly costing Obama the election)

    Thank you Elizabeth Warren (for possibly costing Obama the election)

    Obama has stepped in it big time, and we have Elizabeth Warren to thank.

    Obama gave voice to his political creed in the form of parroting Warren’s famous rant about factory owners:

    Here’s Obama’s rendition (and a Romney response):

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    Let’s cut to the very quotable few seconds which should and likely will be on every television in every swing state a thousand times between now and the election:

    This collectivist view of our economic system is alien to the vast majority of Americans. It is beyond class warfare, which is the envy of others who are more successful. Obama has attacked success, not just the successful.

    The anti-success dog will not hunt outside of Massachusetts (and maybe not even there) and a few other states.

    And now Elizabeth Warren’s collectivist dog is Obama’s dog.

    Warren is backing up Obama on the theme:

    Warren said during a campaign stop in Dorchester yesterday, “I think the basic notion is right. Nobody got rich on their own. Nobody. People worked hard, they build a business, God bless, but they moved their goods on roads the rest of us helped build, they hired employees the rest of us helped educate, they plugged into a power grid the rest of us helped build,” she said.

    Obama has hitched his wagon to an alien ideology touted by a tainted candidate who might be too liberal even for Massachusetts.

    I don’t think this is going away. It is a theme handed to Romney on a silver platter, a silver platter built, of course, on roads the rest of us paid for.

    It is a game changer. And we have Elizabeth Warren to thank for it.

    Update:  Paul Mirengoff quotes Pat Sajak as follows:

    It’s as if President Obama climbed into a tank, put on his helmet, talked about how his foray into Cambodia was seared in his memory, looked at his watch, misspelled “potato” and pardoned Richard Nixon all in the same day.

    And via Althouse, Obama is running an ad denying he said what he said and accusing Romney of misquoting him. But of course, Obama did say what he said. This is a sign that the Obama campaign knows how toxic Obama’s embrace of Warren’s argument has become.


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