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    Take three freebies, and see me in 2014

    Take three freebies, and see me in 2014

    That’s basically Obama’s argument for Obamacare — he rattles of a small number of good things that people will like because they are free, and ignores the mountain of regulation which will crush so much of what makes the vast majority of Americans satisfied with the current system.

    But offering free stuff is a powerful political argument — provided the public doesn’t understand the downside.

    Update: Feds have 13,000 pages of regs ready to go.


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    Juba Doobai! | July 5, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    We are now all going through the Middle Passage. Obama wanted Americans to know what it is like to be colonized, to have resources that you don’t get the benefit of, to have other people come into your country and do as they would with you and your laws. Now, he wants Americans to know slavery. This period in which we are waiting for the full oppression of his Obamacare, in which we await 13,000 pages of regulations by diligent slavers, er, lawyers, in which we await ever more burdensome taxes that will not just eat our substance but will deprive us of the will to do and earn–this period is our Middle Passage.

    When we get to where Obama is taking us, then we will feel the full weight of his lash on our backs, regardless of our race. But, not if we are Muslim, of course.

    They are exempt from mandates and laws that strip the Jewish and Christian hospitals of the articles of their faith.

    So, while we have not yet reached the distant shores to which our slaver (and it’s ironic that he is white-black-Muslim-alleged Christian) intends to disembark our freedom, wealth, and our Constitution, we have a chance to turn the ship around, to wrest the whip from the hand of the slaver, to wrest our freedom and Constitution from sure and certain destruction.

    jimzinsocal | July 5, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    More Obama “Magic Spin”

    Think back to the old Johnny Carson skits with Art Fern. Except without the famous Slauson Cut Off

    Presto Chango via Memorandum

    Obamacare Is A Major Tax Cut For Middle Class Families

    SGLawrence | July 5, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    This is exactly what I have been trying to explain to uninformed people since the discussion over Obamacare/Tax began. I’ve been taking care of many elderly relatives for years and I also have lost many young friends to cancers of all kinds. Don’t look up “Angiosarcoma” if you want to sleep at night. When Obama or his surrogates tout the law as providing “free” birth control pills or mammograms, I want to pull my hair out in frustration. Sandra Fluke demeaned all women and their health needs when she was used for Obama’s dog and pony show about birth control and Plan B pills. Does Fluke know that women in their early 40’s-50’s who took birth control pills for years and years are dropping off like flies from a breast cancer epidemic? It’s outrageous that the WH does a bait and switch using the cheapest services possible –bc pills and mammograms– as “freebies” but when you’re REALLY sick, with Angiosarcoma or Leukemia you’re going to be without the ability to do anything other than what HHS and government health exchanges have determined your illness warrants in the way of treatment. Don’t let the uninformed masses who think they’re getting “free” healthcare sway you into believing anyt of the government propaganda hurled at us.

    I forget who said it but it sounds like something Mark Steyn would say: “You have no idea how expensive health care can be until you get it for free”. Or something like that.

    Henry Hawkins | July 6, 2012 at 12:16 am

    Like Midwest Rhino above, I have also gone with catastrophic health insurance. I did so for two reasons – one, I’ve been self-employed for a long time and eligible only for an individual plan, which the most expensive route, and two, I’ve enjoyed very good health to date (age 56), with only a kidney stone lithotripsy, a hernia operation, and half a dozen minor ER patchups over the past twenty years.

    I have a $5,000 deductible plan, then the standard 80/20 $15 per office visit after that. I have a special account where sits $5,000 to cover the deductible should something ugly happen to me.

    For all those minor office or ER visits for patchups and other minor stuff, I did not use insurance and paid cash, saving the receipt to apply against my annual deductible. According to Obama, et al, and the federal government, this makes me a ‘freeloader’. They make no distinction between those without insurance and those who pay cash. If you don’t have an ‘approved’ plan, you are a freeloader, to be loathed, ostracized, marginalized, demonized, and moved against by your own government. You are a political pawn, negatively charged.

    The lithotripsy and hernia surgery each cost north of $10,000, with me paying the first $5,000 and 20% of everything above. I had both treatment events completely paid for by the end of the treatment run.

    I’m happy with this. My health care providers are happy with this. My insurance company is happy with this. My bank is happy with this. All players are happy with this. But no, this arrangement is wrong, according to Obama, et al. This arrangement, under ObamaTax, must be punished. I will be forced to select a new plan of which the federal government approves, which is the same as saying the federal government will choose my new plan for me. If I fail to comply, I will be held accountable, punished with a tax for every year I fail to comply, fail to do as I am told by the federal government.

    The only reason my choice in covering health care is considered wrong by the federal government is because it allows no vector for a sizable portion of my money to be peeled off to pay for the care of the slackers sitting in the wagon I’m forced to pull.

    If that’s America, consider me ready for revolution.

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