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    Of course, Obama related to first black slave on his, um, mother’s side

    Of course, Obama related to first black slave on his, um, mother’s side

    CNN is hyping this story, but when you dig into it, there’s no firm evidence, only piecing together assumptions and conjecture.

    Obama’s family tree connection to first African American slave (emphasis mine):

    His family tree has been linked to Brad Pitt, Sarah Palin and both Presidents Bush but now President Barack Obama may be related to the first documented African slave in pre-revolutionary America….

    “We have two of the most significant Africans in our country’s history being directly related to each other,” Joseph Shumway, an genealogist, told CNN….

    Yet the greatest obstacle was the volume of records that had been lost or destroyed over the last three hundred plus years.  The researchers had to use clues to cobble together some of the facts….  Through these deductions genealogists were able to trace the president’s lineage to a Caucasian family in revolutionary Virginia named Bunch.

    But the question remained: were any sub-Saharan Africans also members of the Bunch family?

    Shumway said the team “gleaned” every possible clue and came to the conclusion the Caucasian Bunch family was indeed related to African American John Punch.

    “[A]ll of the surviving evidence we studied very strongly points to conclusion John Bunch is the son of John Punch,” said Shumway.

    For instance, in 1640 population counts show there were only 150 Africans living in pre-revolutionary Virginia.  Shumway points to other clues such as the phonetic similarities between Bunch and John Punch’s name.  He says that in colonial times spellings were not standardized and genealogists routinely find the same surname spelled quite differently.  In addition Shumway found evidence that the family that owned the slave John Punch married and lived for generations with members of the Bunch family.

    “[A] lot of pieces of circumstantial evidence pointed at John Punch as the only logical candidate who could fit as this African American ancestor,” of the Bunch family said Shumway.

    Et tu, Why have you sold your integrity by “cobbling” together facts, making “deductions” and ultimately telling us that Obama is related to slave “John Punch” because the last name sounds like Obama’s mother’s ancestor “Bunch.”

    I’m just waiting for someone to link Obama’s first black slave ancestor to Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee ancestor, you know, the one with the high cheekbones.


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    gasper | July 31, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    I was referred to [email protected] by to lodge a complaint about the outrageous statements by an genealogist, Joseph Shumway to a national audience. I would encourage others to write as well and tell them to stay out of politics. Not all their customers are Democrat. I have been a member for years and irritated beyond words at this behavior.

    BannedbytheGuardian | August 1, 2012 at 2:58 am

    I am gonna give youse a bunch

    I am gonna give youse a punch .

    The British have had many dialects & evolvements in English & have had remarkably few civil wars -even the Scots have been on board since 1600. I think they know B from P.

    Besides I thought he already had the Black vote & the white guilt vote.

    He needs the Hispanic .I think they should have squeezed in a direct descendant of Columbus & Aztec Princess. That should have covered both sides of the South American race divide.

    If it’s already been demonstrated that Obama is related to the Bush family, wouldn’t this new piece of the puzzle mean that George H. W. Bush was the first African American president?

    grimreapermike | August 1, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    He is probably kin to the original one in the woodpile.

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