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    Lemonade stand owners didn’t make it on their own

    Lemonade stand owners didn’t make it on their own

    Yesterday I pointed out the lemonade stand image near the end of Scott Brown’s “Let America Be America Again” video, with the suggestion the Romney and Brown campaigns run the image with the following parody quote of Obama and Elizabeth Warren:

    You own a lemonade stand, kid, good for you … but I want to be clear, those lemons were moved to market on roads the rest of us paid for ….

    A reader sent me a link to a video about real life lemonade stand problems, which led to some others.  In the first video below, one of the mothers sums up the message government sends to the youth, “The message to kids is, there’s no American Dream.”

    Here are some more:

    (follow up here to above video)


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    […] Barack Obama wants us to forget that America. In the latest Friendly reminder from Obama: This is a choice election, not a referendum on my performance; Update: New Obama ad responds to “you didn’t build that” criticism Obama seeks once again to bury that memory of America. […]

    Owego | July 25, 2012 at 4:30 am

    The arguments for shutting down these businesses are understandable. The reasons for many of the “rules” are sound. And should anyone get sick from a glass of lemonade purchased from one of these establishments after it had been permitted to stay open, the local constabulary and community would be sued by some lawyer for everything it had. STAY WITH ME HERE, PLEASE.

    That said, one wonders if the same stalwart constabulary would be as conscientious in its adherence to the letter of the law in matters involving immigration. No likely. Here, “judgement” would be permitted, no, demanded, by the same lawyer who would have thrown the book at the community permitting the sale of lemonade from “unlicensed” vendors, inconvenient immigration laws notwithstanding.

    By all appearances, drinking a glass of lemonade from one of these stands would be every bit as safe, or safer, than drinking a cup of coffee you prepared for yourself at the local convenience store. That’s an opinion based upon the appearance of the sellers. In the circumsyances here all the rest is pretentious nonsense. The conditions and circumstances matter and should matter. The point is that we have made it impossible to apply thoughtful judgement to our actions as we move through our lives. We are very far down the path away from being a common law nation, one where our laws tell us only what we may not do rather than what we must do and how we must behave.

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