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    Elizabeth Warren has raised $24 million, but still is not Cherokee

    Elizabeth Warren has raised $24 million, but still is not Cherokee

    Sympathetic reporters in the MSM are practically giddy that Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee problem has not hurt her fundraising.

    Warren’s Second Quarter haul of $8.6 million brings her total fundraising to over $24 million.  In June, as Warren’s obfuscation on the Cherokee issue was in full throttle and as she ducked a group of Cherokee women who wanted to meet with her, liberals threw $3.1 million her way.

    Ironically, or perhaps predictably, Warren’s spending at a prodigious rate, so she “only” has $13.5 million left in the bank.

    Did anyone expect the fact that Warren has been deceptive on her claim to be Cherokee to stop Hollywood, Emily’s List, or the titans of high tech and even Wall Street from donating very big dollars to her?  Or to stop the legion of small-time liberals around the country from throwing her a few bucks?

    As pointed out here before, Warren is the number one organized progressive cause this November, above even Obama.  They are all in, and they will not let niceties about the Cherokees get in the way.

    As of this moment, there is zero evidence that Warren is Cherokee, and substantial evidence that Warren is not despite having passed herself off as Native American for professional purposes at critical times in her career.

    We can’t make liberal supporters of Warren listen to their own supposed consciences, but we can get the truth out there.

    And there is more truth to come.


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    mbabbitt | July 10, 2012 at 10:50 am

    For Liberalism/Progressivism it is self-evident: the ends justify the means. As long as the person is pro-choice/abortion, for gay unions to be called marriage, for wealth redistribution, and for environmental wackoism, you are good enough. Morality, ethics don’t matter unless you are a Republican demon.

    DavidJackSmith | July 10, 2012 at 10:55 am

    How does this work again.

    Elizabeth Warren claimed to be 1/32 Indian and that’s enough for the media to class her as a Native American.

    George Zimmerman’s mom is 100% Hispanic but the media class him as “white”, then finally settled on “white” Hispanic.

    Hey I don’t buy any of this racial shit any way, especially as “Hispanics” are originally of European caucasian descent. But THEY do.

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