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    Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama – government supremacists cut from the same cloth

    Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama – government supremacists cut from the same cloth

    Neither Elizabeth Warren nor Barack Obama ever created anything. They have suckled at the teat of the taxpayer most of their lives and for almost all of their professional accomplishments.

    Without government, Elizabeth Warren would be a nameless academic in a lowly regarded area of academia — but her reliance on big government allowed her to parlay that background into a plan for government control of almost all consumer transactions. And hence her claim to fame and her shot at the Senate.

    Obama too never created anything. He is an agitator who used and uses government power to seek retribution against those he considers to have committed historical wrongs — except that he missed several generations. The people he seeks to punish committed no historical wrongs.

    And both of them stuffed their pockets full of enormous hordes of cash and became fabulously wealthy through their reliance on government.

    They are hypocrites cut from the same cloth.



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    TeaPartyPatriot4ever | July 17, 2012 at 2:24 am

    Wow, don’t get Charles riled up.. I think he might have blown a fuse.. which is nice to see a litlle passion and life out of Charles for the intellectual logical common sense conservative cause.

    Of course Charles is exactly right, and angered as well, as anyone who would be by Obama’s intended outrageous patronizing condescending lies and rhetoric. Obama really thinks all people are as dumb as he is, and or maniplutes people to become that dumb.

    But of course in Charles’s subdued demeanor, he never wears his emotions on his sleeves when expressing his displeasure at such intellectual atrocities.

    More dystopia, more joblessness, more months of falling retail sales numbers, more foreclosure, more diminishing of the GDP, more enormous debt, more out-of-control labor unions, more regulation, more scapegoating and blaming, more czars, more cronyism, more ambiguous foreign policy, more windmills…more Obama golfing. Yeah, more government does it for me alright.

    jimzinsocal | July 17, 2012 at 9:38 am

    ^^Agree with TeaParty up there…as well as others.
    More Obama collectivist “pitch” at what he considers “ripe” college age folks.
    By saying all this we once again get a fairly accurate glimpse at who Obama is. Pretty obvious his success was dependant on others…thru school…community organizing etc. and that path basically is the same for many self serving..self expanding government workers.
    What I found amusing was his silly and sophomoric assertion/assumption that suggests the internet was invented by government so money could be made by private enterprise. If he really read up he’d find quite the opposite. The intent wasnt to provide commerce with a new ball field. Business did that on their own basically after govermnment got out of the way.
    As with many government programs, history seems to be rewritten by the paper shufflers.

    George Jefferson and “Wheezy” would be rolling on the floor with laughter after hearing Obama take ownership of everyone’s success story.

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