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    Convention-dodging now the official strategy of Congressional Democrats

    Convention-dodging now the official strategy of Congressional Democrats

    Below is a screen shot from the DNC homepage with a confident (or, maybe confused) looking Joe Biden proclaiming:

    I’m there! Are you?

    Well, apparently not.

    Unlike Vice President Biden, many Congressional Democrats will be staying away from this year’s Democratic National Convention.

    Although the candidates like to give a variety of reasons as to why they’d skip their party’s biggest party, its pretty difficult not to pick up on the obviousness of the actual reason: To distance themselves from the President as their reelection draws nearer.

    Even the Washington Post has said that you’d have to have been “born yesterday” to believe some of the things cited by Congressional incumbents as reason for skipping the convention.

    However, it now looks like the convention-dodging strategy employed by so many fledgling incumbents has gained official approval from House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.  Politico reports (h/t HotAir):

    House minority leader Nancy Pelosi says that Democratic members should stay home and campaign in their districts rather than go to the party’s national convention in North Carolina.

    “I’m not encouraging anyone to go to the convention, having nothing to do with anything except I think they should stay home, campaign in their districts, use their financial and political resources to help them win their election,” Pelosi said in an exclusive interview for POLITICO Live’s On Congress, a new weekly show to be streamed live on POLITICO’s website and broadcast on NewsChannel 8 on Wednesdays. …

    “We nominated a president last time. We have an incumbent President of the United States. We’re very proud of him. There certainly will be enough people there to express that pride, but I’m not encouraging members to go to the convention no matter what the situation was, because they can be home. It’s campaign time. It’s the first week in September,” she said.

    I said before that Democrats distancing themselves from the President was “not a bad strategy.” Now it seems its an official one.


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    alan markus | July 19, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    We need one of those “poll” widgets so that we can vote on what amount we think the “Give a $? Donation to the Obama 2012 Campaign by Midnight & You Will be Automatically Entered to Win a Chance to Attend the Democratic Convention as an Honorary Nonvoting Delegate (travel & lodging at your expense of course, and other state & local taxes may apply)” Raffle. I predict a opening request of $3, dropped to $1 at the last minute.

    Really, anyone here that thinks that isn’t coming down the pike? They have to fill that convention hall somehow – imagine the imagery if they don’t.

    GrumpyOne | July 19, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    If it were not for a spoon fed dumbed down public, the GOP would by this time be running away with this election. Anyone with an ounce or two of common sense should be able to detect the “real” from the “fiction.”

    Such is the case of the “Panthers” vs. “Bank of America” stadium ID. Reality substituted by wishful thinking.

    But it is instant gratification in the way of free stuff from the government that could carry the day. This one ain’t gonna be over until it’s over…

    The Dems will come if kickbacks are involved.

    Could it possibly be that enough Democrats will avoid their Presidential convention that it could be held economy-size apartment and still have plenty of space left over? Never mind that the stadium is too small for Obama’s ego.

    Milwaukee | July 19, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Texas Democratic legislators left the state to avoid doing their duties. Fortunately for them, the TEA Party had yet to ramp up their efforts. Thus when Wisconsin Senators fled the state, they got the name “Fleabaggers”, to rhyme with “Tea Baggers”. When legislators from Indiana tried the same trick they didn’t get a catchy name. Is there a trend here?

    The Soviet Union boycotted a UN Security Council meeting exactly once. OMG! They have more guts the our Democrats!

      TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Milwaukee. | July 19, 2012 at 3:32 pm

      Yes, but that was the one meeting where military action was authorized to remove NKPA troops from South Korea and restore the 38th parallel as the demarcation line between the two nations.

      I guess if you’re going to screw up, go big or go home!

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