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    Beware journalists turning conservatives into a circular firing squad

    Beware journalists turning conservatives into a circular firing squad

    The hot news today was a story at National Journal about how the Romney campaign supposedly was Declaring Cease Fire on Health Care:

    In the aftermath of the Supreme Court health care ruling, the early conventional wisdom was that an unfavorable health care ruling at the court would be good for Republicans politically, even as it was a serious policy setback for conservatives.  But that’s not shaping up to be the case.  Mitt Romney, after giving a brief statement decrying the decision, has been virtually silent on criticizing the health care law.  He’s been on vacation and his campaign has been giving off clear signals that it doesn’t want to make health care a major part of the election….

    For an issue that’s supposedly potent against Democrats, Romney’s campaign is declaring a cease fire. This, even as the law polls unfavorably and it proved to be a motivating force for Republicans and disaffected independents in the 2010 midterms.

    It’s becoming clear that Romney has decided to focus on the economy at the expense of everything else, even issues that could play to his political benefit….

    Needless to say, the headline and verbiage inflamed many on the right side, but when I read the article, it looked like very little fact reporting and a lot of conclusions.

    The “declaring a ceasefire” language was that of the author, not the Romney campaign, and the embedded hyperlink where those words appeared was to a Washington Post article about how Romney supposedly “sided” with Obama about whether the mandate was a tax (see my post yesterday).

    The Romney campaign is denying any ceasefire, via Byron York:

    So is the Romney campaign, in fact, declaring a “cease-fire” on Obamacare?  No, no, no, says Romney spokesman Ryan Williams.  “From our perspective, Obamacare has been and will continue to be a central issue in the campaign,” says Williams.  “It presents voters with a bright line that divides the two candidates.  Gov. Romney is going to repeal Obamacare and President Obama is going to keep it. There is a clear choice in November.”

    I have been pretty strong in my criticism of the Obamacare decision, and during the primaries was pretty harsh on what Romneycare might mean for the general election.

    But we don’t need concern trolling journalists sowing discord on the right.  Don’t let them turn us into a circular firing squad.


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    Where is Mitt Roberts — I mean, Romney?

    And is he still running for president, or is he hiding out under a bed somewhere, next to John Boehner?

    Browndog | July 3, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Last one to run out of (other people’s) bullets wins?

    Yea, I’ve been seeing it for the last two days.
    “Romney is going to do squat…he’s waffling.”


    Ask yourself-who are these people that are trying to convince you that maybe that vote for Romney could be all for not?

    Staunch conservatives?
    Libs sowing seeds of doubt?

    No matter.

    I’ll march down to my precinct and whole heartedly vote for Romney, anyone with an “R”, and against any libtard measure on the ballot.

    And be grateful that the Almighty allowed me enough time on this Earth to do so.

    stevewhitemd | July 3, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    Patience, everyone.

    This is not a circular firing squad. This is a loyal member of the MSM and Democratic Party (but I repeat myself) spreading FUD.

    You see, the Democrats always tell you what they’re afraid of. In this case they’re afraid of being necklaced by Obamacare and the fact that now everyone knows it’s a tax, the largest middle-class tax in our history.

    They have to persuade Romney to get away from that somehow. Hence this article.

    I’m not worried. Romney has made clear in his ‘Day One’ ads that repealing Obamacare is what he wants to do on day one. I take him at his word.

    The economy is issue number one. Obamacare is issue number one-A. They work hand in glove for Mittens (how that for a metaphor?).

    So I don’t see Mitt being dissuaded from going after Obamacare. The key is to go at it the right way. Emphasize the tax, how it was jammed down our throats, the tax, how the Democrats disregarded the American people, the tax, etc. Don’t let the Democrats try to deflect the issue by talking about insuring ‘children’ to age 26, etc., stick to the tax.

    I think the Romney campaign is smart enough to see this. I think.

    Don’t overestimate the Romney campaigns’ smarts, especially in light of Eric Fehrnstrom putting his foot in his mouth — yet again — and the likes of Jack Welsh and Rupert Murdoch scratching their heads about the amateurishness of the people running it.

    BannedbytheGuardian | July 3, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    How much does anyone know about Masscare? It is still the case that the OCA is modelled on Mass & that the designer was consulted for OCA.

    I can understand the logic that this is a state issue but I have read whereby a hospital in Martha’s Vineyard received rural status & thus receives federal funds to maintain /attract staff. Martha’s Vineyard ? Poor ? Isolated ?

    It is a risky strategy to have Masscare in your camp whilst you fly a freedom banner & rail against taxation /mandate /penalty meanings.

    Anybody care to explain ?

      Browndog in reply to BannedbytheGuardian. | July 4, 2012 at 12:16 am


      Your snippy, British, smug little attitude towards Americans is wearing thin.

      Your “Empire” crumbled at the hand of peasant “colonialists” the world over-

        BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Browndog. | July 4, 2012 at 12:41 am

        I disagree . History shows that Britain immediately went on to bigger & better things. Thats the thing about battles -you have to know when to withdraw when to attack etc. I would consider both America & The British Empire to be the big success stories of modern history.

        The British Empire did not crumble but re organised post WW2 . Almost all were granted independence & indeed some eg Zimbabwe might be better as a colony. Plus Mozambique & Ruanda actually asked to join up.

        Besides my point is that the medical industry will like Obamacare for it gives them more access to federal funds eg my example. They have no high principles & will play their best cards first & that is not their customers necessarily.

        Example one -The Catholic Bishops were salivating at the $$$ until they got punked.

        Yeah Boston has a public health Scheme & they learnt it from their letters to England.

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