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    Zimmerman prosecutor has history of going after critics

    Zimmerman prosecutor has history of going after critics

    Yesterday I posted about how Alan Dershowitz alleged that Zimmerman prosecutor Angela Corey called up Harvard Law School complaining about Dershowitz and treatening to sue for libel based on Dershowitz’s criticisms of her handling of the case.

    The whole incident seemed strange, and reflected conduct that should be off limits for any prosecutor and certainly for a senior prosecutor on a high profile case.

    It appears, however, that the Dershowitz incident was no isolated incident.  According to Ron Littlepage, a columnist for the (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union, Corey has done this several times before:

    Last December when I wrote a column critical of how she handled the Cristian Fernandez case, she fired off a two-page, single-spaced letter on official state attorney letterhead hinting at lawsuits for libel.

    In the letter, she called me out for my “lack of knowledge and objectivity about the workings of the criminal justice system.” Ouch. I think she called me stupid….

    Then there’s Corey’s spat with Sandy D’Alemberte.

    D’Alemberte is a former president of the American Bar Association, a former president of Florida State University and a law professor — not too shabby in the legal credentials department.

    When Corey was appointed to head up the investigation into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, D’Alemberte had this to say:

    “I cannot imagine a worse choice for a prosecutor to serve in the Sanford case. There is nothing in Angela Corey’s background that suits her for the task, and she cannot command the respect of people who care about justice.”

    Earlier, D’Alemberte had criticized Corey in the Fernandez case. The reaction then: A public records request from her office to FSU seeking all emails, text messages and phone messages involving D’Alemberte related to Fernandez.

    Then there was this:

    When David Utter of the Southern Poverty Law Center was on Melissa Ross’s radio program and had the audacity to say that Fernandez should be in the juvenile system instead of adult court, that prompted a 20-minute scream-fest from Corey in a call to the center’s director.

    Similar criticism from Jeff Goldhagen, a professor and chief of the division of community pediatrics at Shands Jacksonville, elicited a similar response from Corey.

    Something appears to be rotten in the state of Zimmerman prosecution.

    Update:  Exclusive – Prosecutor Angela Corey letter claiming libel by Florida Times Union


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