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    You were against Obama before it was cool?

    You were against Obama before it was cool?

    Well, I was against Obama before you were against Obama, so I’m way cooler.

    From reader Brian, who spotted this vehicle in Santa Cruz, CA.  Neither Brian nor I could identify the flag, hopefully it’s not something bad:

    Update:  Thanks to reader L1b3r7y 0r D347h, the flag is for the Santa Cruz Yacht Club.


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    Let me think this one through. The message of the sticker is that it’s “cool” to be anti-Obama.

    The Congressional Black Caucus has stated that calling Obama “cool” is racist.

    So, if I don’t call Obama “cool,” I can avoid the unpleasant thought that Obama is actually against himself, being called a racist, call my self “cool” and, thereby, express my opposition to him.

    Yes, I’ve made up my mind. I’m definitely “cool.” (at least in my own eyes)

    L1b3r7y 0r D347h | June 26, 2012 at 10:54 am

    The burgee (flag) is of the Santa Cruz Yacht Club.

    Insufficiently Sensitive | June 26, 2012 at 11:02 am

    That flag could be a yacht burgee – one must remember that despite the town’s abject surrender to loony leftism, Santa Cruz translates directly to Holy Cross, and there it is in pride of place. The symbolism is also very useful as a counter to Obama’s bullying of the Catholic Church.

    I remember seeing, during the 2008 campaign, a poem written by a Santa Cruzan in phrases of the most touching faith, telling the world that this Obama critter was worthy of complete trust in his coming crusades, and would govern in the most just and righteous manner. I was already a heavy Obamaskeptic, but that poem confirmed the attitude, and his subsequent behavior (along with that of his AG) has only sharpened it. Vote the crooks out already.

    DINORightMarie | June 26, 2012 at 11:14 am

    Sadly, back in 2008 and in the “glow” of the “immaculation” (as Rush calls it), EVERYone was calling Obama “cool.” (Remember Obama as Superman – including all the images, and other comic super-heroes?!)

    Quite frankly, I never liked him, or thought much of him; I remember waaaay back, when he was getting publicity about being (here is the only link I can find that outlines what I remember reading at the time) the “the first African-American to be president of the Harvard Law Review” and thinking to myself, “Hmmmm….Ivy League school… appears like somebody needs to get Affirmative Action cred……yeah, sounds like a gift….. And, later, learning back in 2007 that he NEVER published an article as editor (which is unheard of, from what I gather – and under some dispute, of late….seems someone found something he wrote…), it confirmed my suspicions. Not impressed, then – or now.

    (I know, I know, I can hear the leftie “raaaaacist” chants already…..but being in college at the time, I know that many corporations and universities, especially Ivy League ones, were getting tough scrutiny over not having met certain quotas, etc. regarding race, gender, handicapped, and other “groups” deemed necessary for “proper” “diversity.”)

    I smelled a rat when he was pushed ahead so quickly by the press, who ignored Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. (I also remember when Billy Ayers and Bernadine came out of hiding and went to trial – my Mother told me who they were, because I didn’t know……she told me that they had blown up people, the Pentagon, and were Communists. And she was a life-long Democrat!!!)

    Very “cool” to see reality, both then and now, IMHO. 😉

    Valerie | June 26, 2012 at 11:20 am

    You were all ahead of me. I watched Obama’s speech before the Democratic National Convention, and was favorably impressed. But during his campaign in Maryland, I knew he was over promising, and mentioned one such over promise, namely the withdrawal timeline from Iraq, which wasn’t even logistically feasible, to one of his supporters, who was a member of Women for Obama.

    She told me that her trainers had told her they knew he wouldn’t be able to do this.

    I was done with him from that point forward, although I did not say so. Instead, I watched as his campaign said one thing, and he said another, on a whole series of issues. That campaign ran on deliberate lies as a campaign tactic.

    The Washington Post supported him every step of the way. They had to know what they were doing, especially because I told them so.

    They called me “conservative critics” in a couple of their Ombudsman articles.

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