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    We elected a fiction

    We elected a fiction

    There is very little chance I’ll end up reading David Maraniss’ biography of Obama, although by all accounts it is a very detailed work which punctures much of Obama’s self-portryal (you remember the “composite” girlfriend revealed in a pre-release excerpt).

    Ben Smith has read the book, and finds:

    David Maraniss’s new biography of Barack Obama is the first sustained challenge to Obama’s control over his own story, a firm and occasionally brutal debunking of Obama’s bestselling 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father.

    Maraniss’s Barack Obama: The Story punctures two sets of falsehoods: The family tales Obama passed on, unknowing; and the stories Obama made up. The 672-page book closes before Obama enters law school, and Maraniss has promised another volumne, but by its conclusion I counted 38 instances in which the biographer convincingly disputes significant elements of Obama’s own story of his life and his family history.

    One sentence in Smith’s review jumped out at me:

    Maraniss finds that Obama’s young life was basically conventional, his personal struggles prosaic and later exaggerated.

    Smith, again:

    Some of Maraniss’s most surprising debunking, though, comes in the area of family lore, where he disputes a long string of stories on three continents, though perhaps no more than most of us have picked up from garrulous grandparents and great uncles. And his corrections are, at times, a bit harsh.

    It appears that I was right on October 12, 2008, in the very first blog post at Legal Insurrection, Obama is “Door  No. 2″:

    Obama may be everything good, or the promise Obama embodies may just be a figment of our own imagination….

    Just about the only thing we know about Obama is what he has told us about himself.

    And what he told us about himself mostly was fiction.


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    Kerrvillian | June 18, 2012 at 9:04 am

    As damning as Maranis’ book is for Obama the real condemnation should be found for the members of the media who failed to vette a Presidential candidate.

    The many talking heads who oohed and aahed over Obama’s supposed literary prowess clearly never actually READ the work they praised. That is shown by the same media morons who were caught off guard by the revelation found in Obama’s book that he had eaten dog.

    Is there anything more telling about the lack of character, honor and integrity among the “real journalists”? I’m looking at you, Juan Williams.

    It is clear that the Democrats elevated a man for one reason only. His skin color. That is racism, by definition. By not giving the same scrutiny to a man because of his skin color you are claiming that he can’t be the equal of others if tempered in the same fire. That the man of color benefits from your racism does not change the fact that racism was at work.

    Today, with a record of time in office that is nothing but negative, the same people who refused to look at Obama with the same depth they used on Hilary Clinton or John McCain are openly lying when they charge that people’s lack of support for Obama is racism.

    The “news” doesn’t belong to NBC, ABC, CBS or even Fox. It belongs to us. If those who presume to be our minders are betraying us it is time to replace them.

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