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    “Walk Down the Aisle with Barack” contest

    “Walk Down the Aisle with Barack” contest

    The sickest thing about it is that when you read the headline, it didn’t surprise you in the least.  Such is the state of the Obama campaign.

    With everyone talking about the bizarre Obama Event Registry, wherein people are asked to have wedding guests donate to Obama in lieu of the betrothed couple, anything is possible.

    Brides who give up their wedding gifts to Obama will be entered in a contest to win a special Barack Bouquet so that Barack can walk you down the aisle.  (No, not really, but allow your imagination to roam in the age of Obama.)

    He wants to be with you the whole way, because he cares that much.

    Reader Patricia produced this announcement:

    For more of what is possible, check out #ObamaFundraisingIdeas.

    [Note:  I thought it was clear from the text of the post that this was just a parody.  From some of the comments I’m wondering whether this was clear enough.  Just a parody.  Just a parody.]


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    to the full extent allowed by law.


    ncmont | June 22, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Okay, serious question here – if he gets 3 or so rich liberal families to do this…was it worth it (minus Conservative ridicule)?

    Too bad Bo (their Portuguese Water Dog) was neutered. Otherwise, they could put him “to work” making puppies. These, then, they could sell for a hefty sum.

    Michelle could write a trilogy: Vol 1 entitled “I Have Never Been so Proud of America” Vol 2 entitled “I Have Never Been so Disappointed in America” and Vol 3 entitled “With a Second Term for Barack I would Have such Hope for America”.

    Another money-making scheme might be to create a video of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s most hilarious press onference statements.

    It just occurred to me “whose side am I on, anyway!” I stop now.

    SGLawrence | June 22, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Describing just how much Obama debased the presidency through Obama’s “Event Registry” is difficult to quantify: but Patricia’s Walk Down the Aisle With Barack Parody does it handily. Leftist Jon Stewart apparently “left the Left” enough to go after Fast and Furious and Executive Privilege a wee bit today. Will he further unleash himself and go after not only the Event Registry but also Birthday Girl Elizabeth Warren?

    malclave | June 22, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    I thought it was clear from the text of the post that this was just a parody.

    Okay, you got me. But in my defense, the only thing that’s really not credible about this is that you were the only site I saw that talked about it…

    TrooperJohnSmith | June 22, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    For an additional donation of $100,000 Barack will fly to your city and:
    1. Give away the bride.
    2. Dance/DJ at the bachelor or bachelorette party.
    3. Marry the couple (Barack has power!).
    4. Issue a personal “executive order” for all to be happy for you!
    5. Supervise the wedding night.
    6. Loan his “auto-pen” for thank-you notes on White House letterhead.

    For an additional $10,000 Michelle will jump out of a specially-designed wedding cake!

    To order, go to our website!

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