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    To the Voting Booth!

    To the Voting Booth!

    Consider this Pep Talk IV.

    Was it over when Harry Reid pushed Obamacare through at Christmas time in December 2009?

    Not when voters took to the voting booth and elected Scott Brown.

    Was it over when Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats were forced to accept the Senate version so that reconciliation could be used, as she marched to the Capitol with large gavel in hand?

    Not when the nation rose up and threw the Democrats out of power in the House in 2010.

    Is it over now that the Supreme Court has upheld the mandate on the basis of a taxing power which Democrats expressly disavowed while passing Obamacare?

    Not unless we allow Barack Obama to be reelected and the Democrats to hold the Senate.

    You know what you have to do.


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    santee | June 28, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    First I will weep for my country. Then I am going to stand up and fight like I have never fought before! Even though he was way down my list of candidates, I am going to fight for Romney’s election in Nov. Obama MUST GO!

    […] sided with the four libs. That, was not expected. Thanks Chief, we’ll take it from here. We know what we have to do now. It’s the only thing we can do to save our Republic. Now, go do […]

    Voluble | June 28, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    The Princess Bride had The Dread Pirate Roberts but he is no match for The Traitor John Roberts who is sitting on the Supreme Court.

    Really it doesn’t matter if we repeal this thing because the damage has been done. The government has all of these powers whether it chooses to use them or not and the day will come when the wrong people are in office and they will be used. The Supreme Court has expanded the Commerce Clause to the point that there are few limits and what it does not allow can now be attained under its taxing authority.

    Quite literally the ONLY right you have left is the right to bitch about it under the 1st Amendment. But since the government will be controlling your access to healthcare I would not bitch too loudly.

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