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    When Elizabeth Warren has lost Ed Schultz

    When Elizabeth Warren has lost Ed Schultz

    Via The Free Beacon, an Elizabeth Warren surrogate appeared on the Ed Show. What’s interesting is not just that the surrogate still insists that Warren has Native American heritage, but that Ed pushed her on it and basically says to fess up:

    SCHULTZ: Wait a minute. Did she ever put down on an application that she was Native American? It’s fair question. And if she did, so what. It was years ago or whatever. But what they are trying to do is paint her out who is someone that is not credible, not telling the truth, hiding something, maybe took an advantage when she didn’t deserve it. I just think that needs to be addressed. When you pick up the largest newspapers in the country and they are writing about this, it would seem it’s disfocusing the campaign somewhat.

    There are other shoes to drop.  I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t.  It’s just a matter of when.

    Update:  Twila Barnes continues her genalogical work, and in a post today dispels the comparison made by defenders of Warren to Cherokee Chief Bill John Baker, who allegedly is only 1/32 Cherokee.  Barnes has tracked both families, and reports as follows:

    Several  times, I have either read or heard [Warren] compared to  the Principal Chief of the  Cherokee Nation, Bill John Baker, because  some give her the benefit of the  doubt and say Warren might have the  same blood quantum as Baker. IF, and I  capitalized that on purpose,  because we are talking “big if” here, she actually  had a Cherokee  ancestor, and IF it was the ancestor she claims through, that  might be  true, but it isn’t….

    Now we are starting to see a very big difference in the two families. Ms.  Warren’s is showing a very distinct pattern of living as whites while Chief  Baker’s is showing a very distinct pattern of living as Indians. We find Ms.  Warren’s great grandfather listed as white on five different documents. We find  Chief Baker’s great grandmother listed as Indian and/or Cherokee numerous times  on many different documents.

    And this meme will continue to grow:

    And, while Rome burns, Ben Affleck-Hosted Fundraiser for Elizabeth Warren Draws Big Stars, Big Bucks.


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    janitor | May 22, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Haven’t Matt Damon and his cuz Ben Affleck got a clue yet, after their disappointed support of Obama, that their political instincts might be a tad confused?

    Meanwhile, for women, great piece on the Kennedy clan: The real curse of the Kennedys — It’s their treatment of women

    […] silver lining is that this might not yet be over. William Jacobson, who’s been in the lead on this story for weeks, hinted a few days ago that “There are […]

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