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    What’s going on in Maryland?

    What’s going on in Maryland?

    End of day status:  According to the most recent update to McCain’s post, Walker was released and was charged with “incitement.”  I’ll have to find out more specifically what the charge is, but if there has been any criminal charge, it’s pretty outrageous.



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    Stacy McCain has a report that Aaron Walker was arrested after a court hearing for violating a “peace order” obtained by Brett Kimberlin by blogging about his experience with Kimberlin.  If that’s the case, it raises some very interesting legal questions.

    Since reports are sketchy at this point, I will not opine on it.

    I will caution readers with some life advice.  When you are up against someone with a long history of using the legal system as a tool to go after others, you have to be very careful and very strategic.  Get a good lawyer.  Don’t go up against a former “jailhouse lawyer” yourself.

    Read McCain’s column at The American Spectator; Kimberlin was a very good “jailhouse lawyer” and knows the ways of lawfare.

    I’ll update as more becomes known, and readers are encouraged to update in the comments.

    Ali Akbar has twitter updates.

    Updates:  Gateway Pundit has a copy of the Peace Order entered today.  It is unclear to me as of this writing why Walker was taken into custody, or what he allegedly violated. (There was an issue as to whether this was the real Peace Order or a fake, because the Judge signing it retired in 2005, but Michelle Malkin has verified that this judge did sit on the case; it’s not uncommon for retired judges to serve partial duty.)

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    SooperMexican has a report from someone in the courtroom.

    Another first-hand courtroom account, When Your Honor, This Man Is a Convicted Domestic Terrorist Is Not Enough.

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    hugh59 | May 29, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Well, fight litigation fire with litigation fire. Sue Kimberlin. Sue him again and again and again. Get restraining orders against him. And by the way, garnish his wages to pay that judgment he owes.

    […] Jacobson has some advice about doing legal battle with the likes of Brett Kimberlin. Not something you want to enter into […]

    WarEagle82 | May 29, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    This has just gone so far beyond Kafka that it leaves me numb.

    From my very few legal encounters I have seen corruption in the process. In this case either you have an amazing confluence of ignorance, arrogance and plain bad luck (for Walker) or you have corruption.

    Volokh is reporting that Walker/Worthing/Worthington ripped Kimberlin’s Ipad from Kimberlin’s hands.

    That’s physical violence.

    This Walker guy is not turning out to be helpful to the Conservative cause, folks.

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