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    The sound of Elizabeth Warren’s silence

    The sound of Elizabeth Warren’s silence

    As Politico notes, The Boston Herald has outdone The Boston Globe in reporting on Elizabeth Warren, although The Globe finally is coming around to some hard reporting after its editorial board declared the issue over weeks ago:

    Long before Republican Sen. Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren arrived on the scene, Beantown’s flagship dailies  were duking it out for scoops in one of the last big-city newspaper wars.

    And the competition between the archrivals has been on open display as they  scurry to dominate coverage of the nation’s premiere Senate race.

    The Herald, though, still is leading the way and is not taking silence for an answer, Elizabeth Warren stays mum on heritage, affirmative action:

    A day after closing doors on a Herald reporter’s questions, Elizabeth Warren and her campaign yesterday declined to answer questions about her purported Native American heritage and whether she supports affirmative action, instead issuing the same statement they have released whenever questioned about her minority claims….

    The Suffolk poll gave rise to headlines that the false claim of Native American heritage was not hurting Warren.  I’m not believing that.  Where would she be in the polls if not for the controversy?

    And where will she be in November when day-after-day The Herald and increasingly The Globe report on the questions surrounding the core of Warren’s narrative?

    The sound of Elizabeth Warren’s silence on her false Cherokee ancestry claim is drowning out her class warfare message.  That probably benefits all the evil factory owners she loves to lambast, but it can’t be good for her campaign.


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    stevewhitemd | May 28, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    If we’re going to have a newspaper war over Prof. Warren’s claim to NA heritage, how about one or both papers pinning down Harvard on the AA claims?

    Specifically, how did Harvard report Prof. Warren’s heritage to the EEOC and to other government agencies? Did Harvard do due diligence over Ms. Warren’s NA claim at the time of hiring or afterwards?

    Did Harvard correct their EEOC filings once it retracted Prof. Warren’s NA heritage claims?

    And let’s not leave Penn out of this. Might be easier to get a Boston newspaper to go after Penn. Wonder what Penn said to the EEOC?

    But the broader point is that this all led me to be curious as to whether UT Law School has given preferences in admissions to Native Americans, a fact I figured I could discover by rereading the Fifth Circuit’s opinion in Hopwood v. Texas, invalidating UT Law School’s affirmative action admissions program. It turns out that UT (unlike University of Michigan in the Grutter case) did not give preferences to Native Americans, but did give them to Hispanics. And as near as I can tell, the University of Texas-Austin undergraduate college, which is currently defending its affirmative action program before the Supreme Court in Fisher v. University of Texas, also gives preferences to African Americans and Hispanics, but not to Native Americans.

    dmacleo | May 28, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    If a tree falls in the forest does it scream out its 1/32 cedar?

    janitor | May 28, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    Here are some issues everyday middle-class Americans are struggling with: they go apply for a job and their higher experience, competence and test scores don’t beat out the extra points added for affirmative action candidates. Aren’t two generations adequate time to do “catch up”?

    Sitting Bulls—t has decided to shut her mouth about it, and blow smoke up our you-know-whats instead. Can you imagine an electorate putting this lunatic and fraud in high office?

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