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    Faking fakers and the fakery they fake

    Faking fakers and the fakery they fake

    I have few original thoughts on the fake twins who cannot bear the unbearable burden of bearing fairly boring genealogy and upbringing in middle and upper middle class Amerika.

    I feel your feign, man and woman.

    So here is your faking fakers and the fakery they fake Reader (you can attribute any of these brilliant lines to moi):

    Mark Steyn:

    When it comes to conspiracies, I’m an Occam’s Razor man. The more obvious explanation of the variable first line in the eternally shifting sands of Obama’s biography is that, rather than pretending to have been born in Hawaii, he’s spent much of his life pretending to have been born in Kenya.

    After all, if your first book is an exploration of racial identity and has the working title “Journeys In Black And White,” being born in Hawaii doesn’t really help. It’s entirely irrelevant to the twin pillars of contemporary black grievance – American slavery and European imperialism. To 99.99 percent of people, Hawaii is a luxury vacation destination and nothing else.

    Whereas Kenya puts you at the heart of what, in an otherwise notably orderly decolonization process by the British, was a bitter and violent struggle against the white man’s rule. Cool! The composite chicks dig it, and the literary agents.

    And where’s the harm in it? Everybody does it – at least in the circles in which Obama hangs. At Harvard Law School, where young Barack was “the first African-American president of The Harvard Law Review,” there’s no end of famous firsts: As The Fordham Law Review reported, “Harvard Law School hired its first woman of color, Elizabeth Warren, in 1995.” There is no evidence that Mrs. Warren, now the Democrats’ Senate candidate, is anything other than 100 percent white. She walks like a white, quacks like a white, looks whiter than white. She’s the whitest white since Frosty the Snowman fell in a vat of Wite-Out. But she “self-identified” as Cherokee, so that makes her a “woman of color.”

    Joe Fitzgerald:

    It’s a cheap stunt.

    It’s former City Councilor Chuck Turner, trying to divert attention from his bribery conviction by reminding his tiny band of disillusioned followers, “African-Americans were brought to this country as slaves; we were whipped and lashed and hung. …”

    It’s Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. offering to donate to the Smithsonian Institution’s museum of black history the handcuffs used to shackle him, as if he had personally confronted Sheriff Jim Clark rather than mouthed off to a Cambridge cop who’d come to help him.

    It’s unconscionable because it demeans the price that was paid by those who truly suffered for causes greater than themselves. To Warren, Turner and Gates, and ideologues like them, that shed blood of others is not revered, but unconscionably appropriated for their own selfish purposes.

    Howie Carr:

    Granny’s hagiographers had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the truth about their heroine, but finally the tangled web they weaved when first they practiced to deceive came apart like the Seventh Cavalry at the Little Big Horn.

    James Taranto:

    In any case, Obama’s putative foreign birth fit in with the image his agents were trying to sell: that of a young man whose exotic background gave him a pertinent perspective on “social and racial issues.” Obama, like Warren, was a product of elite academia, which places a great premium on such “diversity.” When tales of exotic origins become a kind of currency, it shouldn’t surprise us to find that prominent people, when they were young and ambitious, turn out to have passed counterfeits.

    Jack Marshall:

    In fact, it looks like a severe case of Sixties Liberal Delusion Syndrome, also known as Billy Jack Disease. Warren talks and writes like a stereotype campus liberal, and like her Sixties campus forbears, she must have figured out in early adulthood that kinship with oppressed minorities is the antidote to white guilt and the ticket to a perpetual state of self-righteousness and victimization….

    As for me, a Massachusetts kid myself, I don’t trust plagiarizers. The most honest and trustworthy people I know never plagiarized anything in their lives; given a choice between a plagiarist and a non-plagiarist, I’ll take the non- every time.

    Ed Driscoll:

    And how better to sound cool and exotic to Harvard’s professors (many of whom likely share the same punitive liberal worldview of America that Obama has marinated in much of his life) than to claim you weren’t born in America?


    One last piece of data: In Dreams From My Father Obama admits that while at Punahou School, the fancy prep school he attended with the children of Hawaii’s rich and powerful, he told people that his father was an African prince.

    Are you starting to see a pattern?

    Unlike Obama, I never went on some years-long journey of self-discovery trying to figure out who I am.  That journey is what Dreams is supposedly all about.  But as we have already learned, many of the people in that memoir are fake “composites” and the events he describes didn’t take place.

    Obama is not only pretentious, he is pretend-tious.  At Punahou School he was low on the social status totem pole compared to the other children.  So he claims to be the son of an African Prince.  As he grows older he cultivates a persona that is exotic and international.  He wears a sarong, quotes TS Eliot and listens to jazz.

    Early on his lies are easy to tell and hard to check.  Later on, not so much.  So he begins trying to clean up his history.  But the problem is he has created a paper trail, and now that he is world famous there is no place to hide.

    Luckily for him the media is doing their best to protect him.


    The point, as Pollak explains, isn’t that the Kenya detail should be taken at face value but rather that it’s another case of Obama, who once famously described himself as a “blank slate” for voters, re-inventing his identity for professional gain. An author born in colonial Kenya sounds more worldly at first blush than one born in Honolulu, just as a law professor who’s 1/32 Cherokee sounds more in tune with the minority experience in America than a white woman from Oklahoma.

    Jim Treacher“:

    Either Obama was born in Kenya or he wasn’t. I remain skeptical that he was.  The question is, then: Why did he claim to be? What advantage did he think it  gave him at the time?

    Maybe Elizabeth Warren can tell us…

    An as yet undiscovered pundit who is still deciding how to pitch his first book, Dreams From My Cossack Fleeing, Civil War Slave Freeing, French Underground Sabateuring, Warsaw Ghettoing, Jerusalem Liberating, Great Great Grandfather:

    Why aren’t liberals screaming about this?

    Elizabeth Warren has done as much damage to the notion of affirmative action as anyone in memory.  She made a mockery of it whether or not she received the benefit in any provable fashion.

    If Elizabeth Warren can claim minority status for diversity purposes, then diversity as it is practiced at Harvard and elsewhere is a game of charades, in which “sounds like” is more important than “is.”


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    MaggotAtBroadAndWall | May 21, 2012 at 11:15 am

    Wow. I haven’t thought about “Billy Jack” for 40 years. I remember most of the boys in my class at school memorized one of the lines from that movie and we all taunted each other with it on the playground during recess.

    “I’m gonna take this right foot….and I’m gonna whop you on your face…and there’s not a damn thing you’re gonna be able to do about that”.

    I also remember one of the songs playing in the background at the rink where I learned to roller skate was “One Tin Soldier”, the theme song to that movie.

    Who knew Lizzie Warren’s lies could dredge up long forgotten childhood memories?

    NC Mountain Girl | May 21, 2012 at 11:23 am

    That born in Kenya fact checking error was repeated numerous times over 17 years.

    I’ve often though Billy Jack is a prime example of why the left loves to use narrative instead of argument. A viewer can get wrapped up in the action and not think about how stupid the whole story was.

    janitor | May 21, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Why is it that virtually every single writer of an article about the Kenyan bio thing feels compelled — as if he or she has personal knowledge — to state that he or she “no doubt” that Obama was born in Hawaii. Why add this.

    Why is it that stories on this issue also fail to mention that Obama was known from childhood into adulthood by the name Soetoro. Was this also a typo? Was he legally adopted by a foreigner stepfather? Or is this just another habitual family identity fauxity.

    And what is with the continuing stonewalling by Hawaiian birth certificate officials. What of that Kenyan birth certificate. Fake?

    And what about that Connecticut social security number that has been proved to be the number of a dead man.

    Everyone is afraid of being called a “birther”?

    These aren’t frivolous questions. They are at least as important as how much Ann Romney paid for her shirt.

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