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    Dear Wisconsin Republicans: Take nothing for granted

    Dear Wisconsin Republicans: Take nothing for granted

    There already are efforts to bus supporters of the recall to the polls for early voting.

    There’s nothing illegal or unethical about that, so long as only eligible voters vote.  But it’s a reminder that some good polling is not a substitute for going to the polls on June 5.

    Via WISN (video at the link):

    Many groups have organized  campaigns to help encourage voters to get to the polls. But a third-party group  is already producing results in the form of absentee voters, and they’re  producing them by the van-load.

    “When it comes to election  time, we want to make sure people get out and have their voices heard,” said  Mike Lauer, executive director of Wisconsin Jobs Now.

    The group is picking up  voters from dozens of locations throughout Milwaukee’s north side and central  city, and bringing them to vote in the state’s recall election by absentee  ballot.

    Elsewhere in Wisconsin insanity, the Judicial Ethics Commission, whose special prosecutor signed the Walker recall petition, has demanded the state Supreme Court take up charges against Justice David Prosser. This is complete insanity for reasons explored here dozens of times — if anyone should be brought up on charges it is Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, who charged at Prosser with fist raised and with such evident anger that another Justice had to step in to prevent her from hitting Prosser.

    I’m not predicting a win, and fear the worst, but if Walker wins, there’s going to be a victory dance here like nothing ever seen before.  The neighbors probably will call the police.  Is it possible to set off fireworks on a blog?

    It’s not just for Walker, but to bury all the indecencies the decent people of Wisconsin have had to put up with for the past 15 months.

    (Suggestions on a victory dance video are being accepted, although it’s hard to beat the incumbent victory dance.)

    Update:  Reader Patricia produced this Call to Action for the Fox Valley Initiative:



    Donations tax deductible
    to the full extent allowed by law.



    Milwaukee | May 26, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    Whereas on election day, having poll watchers is pretty straight forward, I would imagine having poll watchers guard voter fraud with absentee balloting is a bit more difficult. So a group of voters are rounded up and bused somewhere to vote absentee. If one or two have proper identification, can’t they “vouch” for those with less than proper identification? Same-day voter registration is only a good idea for those who wish to perpetrate a fraud.

    Aggie95 | May 26, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    me I’m going to wait until the stroke of midnight and then do a victory lap in my back yard ….naked ….me and the wonder mutt ….he’ll be the one in the hat

    jakee308 | May 26, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    I’m thinking the Snoopy Dance: Face raised to God n thanks and wriggling with joy and no discernible rhythm or pattern just unmitigated pleasure.


    dad29 | May 27, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Deekaman’s right; the enthusiasm is all on the (R) side.

    Anything’s possible, of course, and voting is vital. But the Wisconsin Democrats are now sniping at the National Democrat Party for abandoning them (no shippa-da-money), and the slime-tossing of Barrett doesn’t make his cause very attractive.

    Don’t forget this: the UW students at all the campuses have already gone home for the summer…..


    I just keep sending as much money as I can afford to Scott Walker’s campaign.

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