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    Is “marrying up” really the conservative female ideal?

    Is “marrying up” really the conservative female ideal?

    With friends like this, those who want to defeat Obama don’t need enemies.

    Having savaged Newt Gingrich for months, S.E. Cupp now is coming to the aid of Ann Romney by praising Ann for “marrying up“:

    As a thirtysomething, city-dwelling, hypereducated, independent-thinking  woman, I suppose I should recoil at the idea of one day getting married,  quitting my ultracompetitive job and staying home to raise my brood of  germ-carrying moochers.

    But as I sit in a cramped New York apartment, surrounded by bills, drowning  in a sea of deadlines, the conventional life of a stay-at-home mother actually  sounds pretty nice….

    But while liberal women may praise Ann for (at least) getting herself an  education, where is the praise for Ann’s best decision of all — to marry  well?

    Progressives like Hilary Rosen, who lambasted Ann Romney on economic issues for being a stay-at-home  mom, would presumably prefer women to be dependent on the state for health care  and housing .

    But by marrying wealthy, Ann made a truly empowering decision that allowed  her the freedom to do whatever she wanted. And she did it, by all accounts,  without sacrificing the really important stuff, marrying someone she loved….

    In fact, her excellent choice of a mate makes her uniquely qualified to talk  about the most important economic issue that real women confront: How am I going  to support myself and my future family?

    Is marrying up the conservative female ideal?

    Doesn’t that play right into the hands of the class warfare-iers who claim (falsely) that a woman’s choice to stay at home and raise children rather than work outside the home fundamentally is a choice only for the wealthy?

    Were “the hockey and the soccer moms, the homeschooling moms and the book club moms, the joyful moms who brought their children to see history in the making and spun them on the lawn, dancing, when music played,” and who so startled Judith Warner at her Palin rally adventure in 2008, motivated by money?

    Can we stop digging?


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    “As a thirtysomething, city-dwelling, hypereducated, independent-thinking woman, I suppose I should recoil at the idea of one day getting married, quitting my ultracompetitive job and staying home to raise my brood of germ-carrying moochers.”
    Umm… what? She’s perfectly positioned to be a freelance writer, a perfect occupation for a mother. She’s sitting on a goldmine. As a 30-something… I dono… the clock is ticking.
    As for marrying up… who wants to marry down?

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