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    “Day of Silence” bullies schools into advocating political messages, encourages tattling

    “Day of Silence” bullies schools into advocating political messages, encourages tattling

    This Friday, a national “Day of Silence” protest enjoined students across the country to take a vow of silence in protest of harassment of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) students:

    The Day of Silence is a student-led national event that brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools. Students from middle school to college take a vow of silence in an effort to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior by illustrating the silencing effect of bullying and harassment on LGBT students and those perceived to be LGBT.

    The protest was put together by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a group that provides training workshops for educators and community organizers to “protect student from bullying and harassment.” Significant is the use of the “anti-bullying” message, a carefully selected vehicle increasingly being used to attack those who do not go along with the active promotion of LGBT issues in a public-school environment:

    The issue at hand is the bullying, harassment, name-calling and violence that students see and face in our schools daily.

    GLSEN provides a Lambda Legal FAQ for educators concerned about protecting their students’ rights to participate. Included in the legal advice is this comment:

    So, for example, if a Day of Silence participant puts up a poster and another student responds with name calling and harassment, the solution must be to discipline the harasser and to protect, not censor, the Day of Silence participant.

    You’ll notice the “bullying” message coming up more often, and as early as 2005 GLSEN conducted research establishing the conclusion that “having anti-harassment policies in schools – particularly those policies that include sexual orientation or gender identity/expression – can be associated with students feeling safer at school.”

    Surprisingly, the Day of Silence website includes a portal for reporting non-compliance and general resistance to the LBGT message. So while silence was encouraged, it appears not to apply to keeping quiet about non-conformist public schools.

    Just as the organizers of today’s Earth Day (read about its chilling beginnings here) used the schools to promote their political ends, watch as the bullying theme cloaks the Left’s current agendas.

    Still have your kids in those government-run schools?


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    And my position is that I am entitled, both morally and as a matter of fundamental natural right recognized in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, to belittle and make fun of any foolishness, sillyness, wrong-headedness and anything else anyone does, as I damned well please. Doesn’t matter whether it’s the efforts of those who are confused about their sexual roles to compel those who are not confused; I can make fun of them as I please. Nor whether it is those who are using the powers of the Federal government to implement their pernicious notions of racial revenge whose efforts I can denigrate, whose motives I can analyze unfavorably, whose consequences I can decry; as I please with no legal consequences save being held to answer in a civil court for libel or slander and any consequent damages for the same. “Bullying” to be sure, but not from me. I’m not the one with the instutional powers-that-be supporting my speech.

    Kerrvillian | April 21, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Is there anyone else who sees this whole thing as setting up yet another special class of persons?

    Hate crimes legislation is a way to penalize whites but is never used when blacks commit “hate crimes”. Blacks being the protected class can not be subjected to the same penalties.

    So this is a way of setting up a new special class. This way when a Christian says something negative about homosexuality that person is “bullying”. Yet by setting up a special protected class it won’t matter if gay students beat up a Christian. They are the protected class, not subject to any charges they are protected by.

    The concept of equal justice under law is so very foreign to the leftist mind.

    No. I do not have my kids in government schools. Never have.

    Kerrvillian, If I remember correctly and since I’m getting old it’s possible I’m not, remembering correctly, I believe Jesse Jackson said that blacks can’t be racist because they are a minority. It made no sense then and doesn’t now. I just read on another web site that MoveOn is pushing racial tension in N.C. over a girl who was accidentally shot when a gun with a history of discharging without the trigger being touched was killed. The girl black, the shooter, white. The police investigated and released the man. Perhaps we should do what MoveOn is doing and find blacks who shot blacks and demand justice for those victims. It sure wouldn’t be hard to find these victims. Just go to Chicago. Note that they are targeting swing states. I guess if your black and shot by a white in a none swing state, you’re off the hook.

      Kerrvillian in reply to Bittersweet. | April 22, 2012 at 8:43 pm

      It’s not a lack of clear cases of hate crimes by “minorities” on whites or hate crimes by gays on straights.

      The problem is the lack of prosecutors who will charge with clear and convincing evidence. The failure of police to charge hate crimes against minorities.

      We have seen how George Zimmerman was morphed from an Hispanic man into “white” or “white-hispanic” to create a hate crime where none existed. The same news organizations, the AP, NBC, CNN and the rest, mis-reported the story in an unforgivable way to make it seem like a hate crime. They even edited evidence they broadcast to make it appear more sinister than the facts support.

      There is a very real hate crime here. The MSM is guilty of a hate crime against whites when no white was even involved. Mr. Zimmerman, fathered by a Jewish man and raised by his Peruvian mother is called “white” though he is very specifically the product of two groups who are in a smaller minority than Travon Martin, Jewish and Peruvian.

      Why is he considered “white” by the press? So they can make it into a hate crime.

      By this standard then Barack Obama is not America’s first black president, merely our first “white-black” president.

    While bullying, unlike gay marriage, really is an issue important to gay youth, teaching kids as young as kindergarten (in our school district) about homosexuality is not the way to combat it. The truth is, a lot of kids in public schools are just out of control.
    There is also the issue of lesbians having kids, and the kids being enrolled in schools. The truth is, nobody knows how to talk to children about it because this is something that had never been done before. I don’t think “LGBT community” has any special wisdom to impart on this issue.

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