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    Another case of do as I say and not as I do ….

    President Barack Obama wants companies like Google and Facebook to reform their privacy practices.

    But that’s not stopping his reelection campaign from tapping the rich data Internet companies hold on millions of potential voters.

    Obama for America has already invested millions of dollars in sophisticated Internet messaging, marketing and fundraising efforts that rely on personal data sometimes offered up voluntarily — like posts on a Facebook page— but sometimes not.

    And according to a campaign official and former Obama staffer, the campaign’s Chicago-based headquarters has built a centralized digital database of information about millions of potential Obama voters.

    It all means Obama is finding it easier than ever to merge offline data, such as voter files and information purchased from data brokers, with online information to target people with messages that may appeal to their personal tastes. Privacy advocates say it’s just the sort of digital snooping that his new privacy project is supposed to discourage.

    YourMaster | March 16, 2012 at 11:45 am

    ….wanna know why gas prices are rising?
    in 2008 Steven Chu, before 0bama was elected said this:
    “We have to figure out a way to boost the prices of gas to the level of Europe.”

    so he was questioned about that….. in this video…
    because he is now 0bama’s secretary of energy.

    he says their goal…
    meaning his and that of the 0bama administration primary goal is not to lower gas prices….
    he hasn’t been directed by 0bama to do that…

    their real goal instead is: To reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and instead explore/develop alternative energy sources.

    they don’t care if gas prices hit $8.00 to $10.00 a gallon
    there concern is only ‘green jobs’ and sources of green energy that aren’t even developed or even usable/viable alternatives yet (like the algae tech… which… will be useful in about 700 yrs)

    so 0bama has halted drilling on federal lands…
    he’s not issuing permits to Oil companies which could commence operations on drilling….
    he’s decreased oil production in the states by about 30%
    and he lobbied against the Keystone pipeline using the dems to block it.

    and now we have gas prices ranging from $5.50 to $6.00 and still rising. There will be little sympathy towards him after voters are in pain from 8 months of huge gas prices at the gas pump.

    Jimmy Carter did the same thing in the 70’s
    …..they had little empathy for him them….
    and it will be the same in 2012 (if things keep up the way they are)

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