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    Evidence of Media Matters coordination disappears from “independent” anti-Rush group website

    Evidence of Media Matters coordination disappears from “independent” anti-Rush group website

    I have written multiple posts regarding the coordination between Media Matters and an independent group using the name Boycott Rush, which has a website and also the Stop Rush Project at which advertiser target lists and contact information are maintained for volunteers around the country to use.

    The Boycott Rush / Stop Rush Project group has denied coordination with Media Matters, but my analysis of Twitter histories and other public information demonstrated communications which suggested otherwise.  One indication was this notice on, with the image being captured on March 16 at 8:30 a.m.:

    “Shoq Value” is the Twitter account of the person running the Stop Rush Project; the link took the reader to the Shoq Value webpage that then directed to the Stop Rush Project.

    The significance of this notice was that it demonstrated the two groups working together “to connect” various anti-Rush groups “for info sharing, etc.,” which puts Media Matters at the center of the Rush boycott and advertiser intimidation effort.

    Thanks to Ben Shapiro at Big Journalism for pointing out that the notice now has been removed from the website:

    The website, Stop Rush, is run by two radical left self-described volunteers who deny all involvement with Media Matters. But as Legal Insurrection has pointed out, the website carried a post linking to Media Matters, asking its followers to let Media Matters know if they are running “another Rush-related effort … There’s a HUGE number of efforts out there, and they’re trying to connect them all for info sharing, etc.” Search the website now, and that post has been conveniently removed.

    Here’s the current screenshot of the blank space where the notice formerly was placed:

    The discomfort of associating with Media Matters is understandable.

    Media Matters has its own agenda of keeping itself relevant given all the criticism it has come under, as RB Pundit points out:

    The Fluke story is now only a story within the left’s fringe. Even the mainstream media has moved on. – and many others – didn’t let the Democrat Media Complex control the story, and they were forced to give up. Brock is trying to justify his role within the Complex because more and more people are learning how they work, and his and Media Matters’ role only works behind the scenes.

    The anti-Rush effort has a love-hate relationship with Media Matters, loving the strategy and resources Media Matters brings to the anti-Rush effort but hating the sunlight.

    Update:  Commenter chilipalmer has a very good write up of the bullying tactics in Burlington, VT.


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    Henry Hawkins | March 23, 2012 at 10:05 am

    Honest media outlets and orgs strive mightily to win a place in the sunlight, indeed, their survival depends on it.

    And then we have those that strive for shadowy behind-the-scenes submersion. Indeed, their survival depends on it.

    […] – Covering Their Tracks On The Fake Limbaugh Outrage – via […]

    Midwest Rhino | March 23, 2012 at 10:50 am

    one thing about Rush calling poor Ms. Fluke a slut/prostitute, he qualified his name calling before doing it. He said “if she wants money for contraception, money so she can have sex, what does that make her?” (paraphrased)

    So he wasn’t really ever saying she was a prostitute (“slut” didn’t really fit his point), he was making a bad joke about her demanding payment for her sex life.

    So Media Matters and company got their organized news cycle, with the “attack on women” theme for a week or two. THEN Bill Maher wants to turn off the “phony outrage”, when it is his turn. But he never qualifies his remarks, and his are vile and terribly demeaning. Maher fantasizes of conservative women in demeaning submissive positions, and he gets his fans off on it.

    The war on conservative women is real. We know the double standard is real, in that Rush is attacked, but Maher is not. But Rush’s comment was pre-qualified as not personal about Fluke.

    Maher evokes imagery that approaches “lewd and lascivious conduct”, personally degrading conservative women and their children. And he’d like to continue making money doing just that. Rush made a mistake, Maher makes money demeaning and assaulting the character of good and strong women. What does that make Maher?

    The light should continue to shine on both Rush and Maher … it is clear which one doesn’t want more exposure.

    novfrommyporch | March 23, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    We all need to contact our senators and congressional representatives demanding an investigation or hearing to determine whether or not MediaMatters has violated their 501(c)3 status. We need to get at the root of the evil and that is MediaMatters. This is an election year for every representative and a third of the senators. I made that perfectly clear in contacting my senator and reps.

    We must fight back!

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