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    WaPo wonders why birth control controversy it helped create is an election issue

    WaPo wonders why birth control controversy it helped create is an election issue

    Being the mainstream media means making birth control an election issue, then wondering aloud why birth control is an election issue.

    Disingenuous Tweet of the Day:

    The tweet links to an article titled Birth control as election issue? Why?

    The issue of birth control has suddenly become an obsession of the 2012 presidential campaign. To many observers, it seems that the clock has indeed been turned back.

    Birth control is not an obsession of the presidential campaign.  As Ed Morrissey explains, it is an obession of the mainstream media, which took an issue of religious freedom and tried to turn it into a supposed threat by Republicans to ban contraception.

    It started in earnest with the George Stephanopolous grilling of Mitt Romney on the subject at the New Hampshire debate in early January, trying to get Romney to say states have the right to ban contraception.  Even as to Rick Santorum, the issue was simply a hypothetical states’ power issue, not a public policy argument that states should ban contraception.

    Since then, WaPo has run dozens of articles focusing on the contraception issue, and both its left (Greg Sargent) and (allegedly) right (Jennifer Rubin) bloggers along withWaPo columists, have brought up the issue almost daily.

    The mainstream media, with WaPo in the lead, created a phony controversy regarding birth control, and now is shocked, just shocked that it has become an election issue.

    Don’t think for a second that in this election cycle anything has changed.


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    Say_What | February 21, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    If anyone is starting to get bored with all social issues, all the time – if you need an infusion of information about the issues that are of grave importance to our country and you want to hear solutions, then check out Newt’s speech and town hall at Oral Roberts University – it is the best thing I’ve heard this entire campaign season:

    It is the best one hour you can spend listening to one of the most brilliant minds in politics … Newt!

    $15.4 trillion of recorded public debt and counting. That does not include the debt carried by the state and local governments. They will be unable to defer and shift costs in perpetuity.

    As for the so-called “social” issues, they are actually derivative of the natural order. They are only “social” because people’s “objective” faith is selective. And with the other “social” issues there is the enlightened order, where, presumably, we respect each other’s individual dignity and do not support general and progressive involuntary exploitation… and the corruption it sponsors.

    Just do what feels “left”!

    Astroman | February 21, 2012 at 5:27 pm
    “I’m FAR less concerned with how a candidate behaves in debates, and more concerned with how they deal with things outside the debates in the real world, where it matters.”

    Who said anything about debates?

    If your candidate can’t, as a routine matter of his political existence, confront the media and deconsruct the narrative world they would impose, he’ll never win. And you’ll never get the chance to see him sell you out.

    Hope Change | February 21, 2012 at 10:34 pm


    Newt has said sitting on the couch with Nancy Pelosi was the dumbest thing he’s done in recent years. The idea was to show that conservatives care about the environment.

    Yes, Newt was for an individual mandate, because he was trying to address the problem of people with means (like $75,00 per year) not buying health insurance and then getting into some emergency, getting medical care as required by state laws, and then failing to or refusing to pay their hospital or medical bills.

    Newt has said that the more he looked at it, the more he saw that the individual mandate is unworkable and that it’s unconstitutional.

    Mark Twain said that a cat will never sit on a hot stove twice; of course, he continued, a cat will never sit on a cold stove, either. I’m trying to tell you that this stove is cold.

    You, being a human being with thought processes and the capability of reasoning, can ponder, consider, weigh and make rational judgments.

    So it’s not just about that you saw Newt sit on the couch. We all agree that he did that.

    Of course it was stupid. Of course it was a terrible idea. And yes, at one time, he favored an individual mandate. But he completely repudiated the idea of the individual mandate and he says it’s unworkable and unconstitutional.

    So for me, these are non-issues. It’s dog biscuits.

    (Dog biscuit reference: I wrote this to retire05: retire05, your criticisms of Newt are like those of an extraterrestrial sent by his planet to learn about humans. They beam him into a grocery store in a shopping center, and he grabs a box of dog biscuits.

    What Newt accomplished is like that whole shopping center. All you know about is the dog biscuits.

    Newt is largely responsible for the excellent economy we had in the 90’s. See Politi Jim’s endorsement of Newt for real research, real facts, real perspective.
    DEAR SPEAKER GINGRICH [end of comment to retire05])

    Astroman, the point is not between what your lying eyes saw and what I say.

    The point here is the MEANING of what you saw. The facts support other conclusions. That’s what I keep trying to offer you evidence for.

    And what I am trying to bring to your attention is the vast range of ideas and issues that we as a free people, involved in self-government, must address.

    Life & death issues. Freedom. Prosperity. Vibrant economy. A strong America. Versatility, innovation, exciting new challenges, new technologies, the stars are the limit.

    We owe something better than what we’ve got going on right now to our children and grandchildren and that is no joke.

    Our country is in real, serious trouble. Our freedoms are being erased. Our children and grandchildren will not have the America you and I were born into unless we turn this tide, NOW. This urgently requires your attention.

    Newt’s plan can provide a focus for the genius of the American People to fix it. This is the big picture. This is about America. This is about the future of America.

    You care about personal liberty. Your input is important. This project needs every American to understand and to provide energy and ideas.

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