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    Santorum’s “team sport” remark a self-inflicted wound

    Santorum’s “team sport” remark a self-inflicted wound

    Contrary to what many are saying, Mitt Romney didn’t specifically attack Santorum on No Child Left Behind at the Arizona debate (here’s the transcript).

    In fact, Romney defended Bush’s motives:

    And with regards to No Child Left Behind, the right answer there — President Bush stood up and said, you know what? The teachers unions don’t want school choice, I want school choice to see who’s succeeding and failing.

    He was right to fight for that. There are things that should be changed in the law, but we have to stand up to the federal teachers unions and put the kids first and the unions behind.

    It was Ron Paul, and then an audience question, which brought Santorum‘s uncomfortable response on NCLB:

    Well, you know what? I supported No Child Left Behind. I supported it. It was the principal priority of President Bush to try to take on a failing education system and try to impose some sort of testing regime that would be able to quantify how well we’re doing with respect to education.

    I have to admit, I voted for that. It was against the principles I believed in, but, you know, when you’re part of the team, sometimes you take one for the team, for the leader, and I made a mistake.

    (BOOING) You know, politics is a team sport, folks. And sometimes you’ve got to rally together and do something. And in this case, you know, I thought testing was — and finding out how bad the problem was wasn’t a bad idea.

    What was a bad idea was all the money that was put out there, and that, in fact, was a huge problem. I admit the mistake and I will not make that mistake again. You have someone who is committed.

    Post-debate, Romney has mocked Santorum‘s “team player” line to attack Santorum‘s alleged strength, courage of conviction.

    Courage” was the one word Santorum used to describe himself at the end of the debate, even after acknowledging that he voted against principle on NCLB.

    So don’t blame Romney for Santorum‘s problem, it was a self-inflicted wound.

    Nonetheless, it is fascinating to watch Romney’s prior spirited embrace of NCLB in 2008, Mitt Romney Strongly Supported No Child Left Behind:


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    Video, Romney. It’s abundantly clear that the guy doesn’t have a clue. Not from stupid, but from not interested enough to have thought about it. So he just glibly blathers away whatever he thinks will fly.

    ThreeputtinIL | February 26, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    Hope, your just too nice. Raven, stop whining and either volunteer, or watch this country go to crap. I’ve read quite a few of your posts, and I agree it can sometimes get depressing, but to continually sit on a pitty pot & whine rather than get out there & do something is a total waste of time. I have faith that Newt & Co. are doing the best that they can, unfortunately, they can’t vote for us too. And to sit there and say how couldn’t Newt clobber Romney by now? What primary have you been watching. Yes, Money is HUGE. If all you see are Romney ads, your probably going to believe them. As well as having Fox News, Natl. Review, WSJ, and numerous other Establishment news sources all in the bag for Romney, yeah, it’s REALLY HARD to overcome the odds. Oh yeah, they’ve also gotten every RINO & fake Tea Partiers in office now endorsing Romney & defending him too. Oops, forgot, they’ve also gotten how many news sources to flat out lie & distort almost his whole career. If you aren’t lazy & look it up yourself you know these are lies but, most Americans are lazy & believe the easy sources. It’s amazing he’s still in the race at all. Thank god he is a gifted orator, leader and visionary. I pray to god Palin will finally fully endorse him & maybe get on the stump with him to get more press. He’s the only true conservative candidate with a AMERICAN plan to return us to the Constitution from before he’s even in the WH – if Americans (TEA PARTIERS ESPECIALLY) don’t wake up and vote for him, we’ll be doomed to Romney or Obama. Can anyone say the New Europe.

    Scorpio51 | February 27, 2012 at 8:59 am

    I agree that Sarah Palin has to stop sitting on the sidelines and come out for Newt.

    We need to stop the comments from the “peanut gallery” by Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and especially from Ann Coulter.

    Newt and Sarah Palin would ignite this race like no other.

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