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    Saturday Night Card Game (How nasty will the general election race card get? This nasty)

    Saturday Night Card Game (How nasty will the general election race card get? This nasty)

    I was hesitant to post the video below, but since it is receiving a lot of press coverage, particularly in Utah, it’s not like I’m helping spread something that’s not already out there.  And you have to see what is coming down the pike.

    If you thought 2008 was bad, just you wait for this type of stuff to be spread:

    The video has been condemned by Democrats in Utah, and although it purports to be posted by someone supporting Jon Huntsman (who is Mormon), his campaign has disavowed any involvement.

    Think this is not mainstream?  Do you recognize the voices in the video?  One of them is Lawrence O’Donnell from MSNBC:

    Not only will claims of racism by association be prominent, they will be tied into attacks on Mormons on social issues.  Remember the attempted boycott of Mormon businesses over California Prop. 8? (image here)

    While I don’t support Romney for the nomination, it is important that we push back together against trumped up charges of racism.  (added) Regardless of who the nominee is, they will find a way to play the race card.

    Because when the race card is played against one of our candidates, it is played against all of us.


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    redsweater | January 16, 2012 at 9:53 am

    As a Mormon (but born shortly after ’78, fwiw), I can say I have never heard this doctrine that O’Donnell finds offensive. Heck, I find it offensive too, but I have never heard it attributed to my church except by its enemies.

    This video really stretches to make connections. “Faith of my father” gets twisted into bred-in racism, when in fact George Romney was a strong advocate of the civil rights movement. Attending BYU is now a moral defect not because of university policies, but because of the (misrepresented) policies of the church that owned it.

    Manipulative, hyperbolic, and deceptive. No matter what otherwise sound arguments a video may make, these qualities always make me disbelieve every bit — just like that “When Mitt Romney Came to Town” video. The character of the video is unreliable.

    BurkeanBadger | January 16, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Wow. Somehow I missed the impassioned discussion of Mormon theology and African Americans in the priesthood. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thread on LI get so heated and nasty.

    Yes, this video is disgusting, but it is so over the top that it’s unlikely to sway any undecided voters. It’s real goal is preaching to the choir: Energize liberals to turn out and vote against the rich, rapacious, heartless (and now racist) Romney. And it will to some extent.

    But just remember: Any GOP nominee will face the racism charge. Being a Republican, being conservative is, prima facie, racist in the view of many on the left. And they will twist facts into amazing contortions to buttress this belief.

    Let’s consider Newt Gingrich, shall we?

    Newt Gingrich attended Emory University from 1961-65. Emory did not admit its first black student until 1962.

    So, Newt was part of a racist institution. What did Newt do about that? Did he speak out? Did he protest? Why did he agree to attend a racist university? If he was not racist, shouldn’t he have chosen an integrated university?

    Newt Gingrich then enrolled in graduate school at Tulane University. Tulane admitted its first African American students in 1964-65, just before Newt arrived.

    So, Tulane was almost entirely segregated while Newt was there and certainly the racist legacy remained strong. Where was Newt? Was he speaking out against it? Was he protesting? Why did he pick Tulane? If he was not himself racist, shouldn’t he have pursued graduate study at an integrated university?

    If you think this logic is tortured, it is. But the left will use it with zeal and finese.

    The point is, the race card will enter the fall campaign regardless of who the GOP nominates; and the Obama-Soros-Union sledge machine will pound on it repeatedly. The GOP needs to be prepared for this, period.

    Romney could defuse much of the issue by simply admitting he was wrong not to actively protest the LDS’s policy, apologize, and move on.

    BarbaraS | January 16, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing. Just think, everyone should have known back then that those respected universities would fall by the wayside of not being black enough. Back then, you were considered lucky to be able to attend these faciilities. Who knew? I’m tired of religion being used in this election. I am also tired of our country kowtowing to one race and basing everything on appeasing that race. It seems everything, every issue and action is based on black/white and since whites are in the majority, they need to put blacks’ betterment first because they are entitled. If any public servant or private citizen fails this they are rcist. Never mind the dims were for segration during the 60s and 70s. No, I will amend that and say the dims are for anything that will cause rancor and disruption in this country. Class warfare is the least of it.

    BarbaraS | January 16, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    When I used to watch Fox, O’Donnell appeared pretty regularly. I guess this was Fox’s way of being fair and balanced by giving a format to a ranting hypocrite. I came to despise him for his bigotry and his ultra rudness. I hated his smug expressions that told his guests that he was vastly superior to stupid them. I am here to tell you he has gotten worse. He always loudly interrupted his guests with venom and went on a rant about his favorite peeve of the day. He is now worse. Do I smell desperation? I hope so. Are the rants he has done lately his last ditch effort to convert the rest of us to nilhism. He is the king of ugly and I am sorry I linked to him.

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