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    It’s not about Newt

    It’s not about Newt

    Michael Reagan, in this interview with Mark Levin, shoots down the smears spread by the Romney campaign and its supporters regarding Newt and Ronald Reagan.

    Meanwhile, Jeffrey Lord has another great piece, Newt Battles Mush From the Wimps (h/t jiminsocal in the Tip Line):

    The war between conservatives and the Republican Establishment — and make no mistake, this is a war — is on once more.

    The people who brought the GOP losing candidates from Dewey to Dole are at it again.

    Last week’s assault on Newt Gingrich — with various Romney supporters seriously and deceptively trying to tell unwitting voters that Gingrich was never really a real Reagan ally– in reality has nothing to do with Newt Gingrich at all.

    The attack on Gingrich’s Reagan credentials, by the way, which I discussed here, backfired badly on the Romney forces. They were quickly dropped ….

    If Newt Gingrich disappeared from the planet today and in his place stood only Rick Santorum — or Sarah Palin herself or some other conservative — you can be certain the Establishment GOP would have their sights trained on that conservative, running some version of precisely the same multi-gazillion dollar campaign they are running against Newt Gingrich right now. As a matter of fact, they did exactly this to Governor Palin from the very moment she stepped on the national stage in 2008. If by chance Rick Santorum emerges as the sole conservative left in this race — look out Rick….

    The attacks on Newt Gingrich by the Establishment Romneyites are not about Newt Gingrich at all. They are attacks on conservatives. By the Republican Party Establishment.

    Exactly.  When it looked like Santorum might rise, Romney unloaded on Santorum briefly until it was clear Santorum no longer was rising.

    It’s not about Newt.  We have a much bigger problem on our hands.


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    The corrupt Republican establishment is in bed with their totalitarian brethren on the other side of the aisle to crush the spirit of freedom and liberty in the citizenry. Anyone with any charisma who rises up will be savagely smeared with the scorched earth politics of personal destruction. Willard-bama has fractured the base beyond repair.
    I previously had no dog in this race once Sarah Palin dropped out. However, today in protest I will cast my vote for Newt in Florida. If corrupt Willard-bama should win the Republican nomination I will cast my vote for Obama in November. Why should I vote for Willard-bama when I can have the real thing, Obama.
    The Willard-bamabots are just as much obnoxious as Axelrods’s Obamabots were in 2008. They took a page out of the Alyinsky playbook. Sniveling cries of “quitter, quitter” just appear to be the latest accusation of the spoiled brat frat boys who run the party.
    I will never vote for Willard-bama or any other corrupt establishment Republican again. The long arm of despotic tyranny we experienced in Florida 22 has been beyond the pale.
    We got a good taste in Florida with sellouts like Pam Bondi slapping Tea Party patriots in the face trying to sell us Romney’s socialized medicine and jumping in bed with Team Romney. To add insult to injury we have Marco Rubio who the establishment didn’t support also jumping on board.
    My enemy is NOT Obama. It is the corrupt Republican machine who wants to be so much like Obama. You want Obama, you’ve got him!
    The sooner this party blows up the better. The sooner like a phoenix conservatism will rise from the ashes.
    It’s called tough love and giving the establishment enough rope to hang themselves.
    Insanity is having the same behavior and expecting a different outcome. I will no longer tolerate their chicken little routine, “The sky is falling. You have to vote for our Obama-lite or Obama will win” act. Good, let him win.

    Long live the Reagan revolution.

    The telling comment in Lord’s piece on American Spectator was the quote from Gerald Ford about Ronald Reagan. From the article, quoting Ford’s biographer:

    Writes DeFrank of what [Gerald] Ford really thought:
    Translation: The thought of Ronald Reagan becoming my party’s nominee makes me want to puke.

    THIS, OF COURSE, IS PRECISELY the kind of stuff now being said of Newt Gingrich by Mitt Romney’s Establishment supporters right this minute.

    Henry Hawkins | January 31, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    The GOP general election plan was written five years ago.
    Mitt will go soft on Obama because that’s the GOP moderate/establishment playbook, last deployed to a major loss by McCain in 2008, and is blamed on McCain as an uninspiring candidate and on a wild card opponent in Obama – they were planning on Hilary. They use the soft approach so as not to alienate the cherished independent bloc, while the conservative base is taken for granted. Mitt has already shown that soft-hand plan: “Obama’s an OK guy, he’s just in over his head…”, and other such limp utterances.

    Romney’s hardness (cowardice) in using massive $$$ via super PACs and surrogates will not work in the general. Anyone who can match it or exceed it will nullify this – and Obama can and will. Romney’s only ‘strength’, well-financed negative ads, will be obviated. No one can come close to it in the GOP primaries, so it works there.

    This is why I persist with my same prediction. The same GOP game plan will produce the same results. Obama loses the ‘wild card/didn’t see him coming’ advantage, but gains the incumbency/bully pulpit advantage. Even up.

    Obama is vulnerable on Obamacare and bailouts, but Romney cannot attack on those due to Romneycare and his support of bailouts. Even up.

    Obama cannot run on his record, and is making economic ‘fairness’ – class warfare, 1%/99% – the focus, with the full support of 90% of the media. Romney is a 1-percenter, which resonates outside of conservative circles in a society with +10% unemployment. An Obama vulnerability neutralized. Even up.

    Wherever Obama is vulnerable something about Romney negates it as an attack vector, most of all due to the overall ‘go soft/pander to indies’ GOP game plan. Even up.

    It’ll come down to one long ugly nasty campaign of dueling attack ads full of lies, race-mongering, religion-bashing, etc., etc., all of it pitching right into Obama’s wheelhouse because: (1) It keeps us from addressing the real issues, none of which favor Obama, and (2) Obama will outspend Romney 2:1 or more.

    Obama 52% / Romney 48%. Bank on it.

    jimzinsocal | January 31, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Why some of us read Dan everyday as well. Come on Dan…tell us how you really feel…dont hold back.

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