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    I thought they would save Randy Johnson for later innings.

    I thought they would save Randy Johnson for later innings.

    Re-running the Kennedy campaign against Romney based on Bain deals was predictable and predicted, but this does seem a bit early:

    The Democratic National Committee has set up a war room in Iowa with its main focus on Mitt Romney, who is looking more and more likely to win the Republican nomination…..

    The DNC brought Randy Johnson to Iowa on Sunday to discuss how he was laid off from his Indiana factory job after Romney’s company, Bain Capital, bought the plant in the early 1990s.

    “I really feel he didn’t care about the workers there,” Johnson said, according to reports. “It was all about profit before people.”

    Brad Woodhouse, a spokesman for the DNC, kept up the message, telling MSNBC on Monday: “Mitt Romney would have you believe that he was doing something in the private sector akin to what his father was doing: making cars. He wasn’t. He was buying and selling companies and he was making money no matter what it took. If that meant bankrupting them and that made Bain Capital money, well, that was just fine. If it meant laying off workers or outsourcing jobs, that was just fine.”

    I thought they would save Randy Johnson for later innings.


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    Midwest Rhino | January 3, 2012 at 8:36 am

    If companies were not viable, they can’t just keep workers on without profits. Of course that is a revelation to Obama and the left. But if Romney/Bain raided/gutted them for Bain’s profit, and actually caused the bankruptcy, that’s much different.

    The guy in the tape isn’t really too harsh on Romney, and even said he felt Romney was genuinely sorry the company failed. But then he says .. “I think they really just cared about profits, not the people”.

    This could be a positive for Romney, if he can counter that companies MUST make a profit in order to pay the people it cares about.

    Bailouts are not an option. Taxing too much to support a bailout makes it harder for good companies to be profitable. Mitt can use Solindra or GM Volts as examples. Business should be profit driven, not subsidy driven. Spreading the wealth to failed business models makes us weaker, not stronger.

    ClinkinKy | January 3, 2012 at 9:58 am

    Well, Randy Johnson was a “starter” his whole career. He never was a “reliev…oh, you’re not talking about the MLB pitcher.

    […] is about to be attacked from the right and the left as a “job killer” at Bain Capital – but here’s the Catch 22 on that line of reasoning; the very reason that […]

      Personal investment acumen doesn’t necessarily translate into governing acumen, nor is it necessarily akin to entrepreneurship. Bankrupting the United States to profit creditors isn’t an option. Nor is selling off unproductive areas of the country. We don’t really know who had the ideas or made the major decisions at Bain Capital. As for academic achievement, while commendable, that also applies to, e.g. Paul Krugman (Yale summa cum laude economics and MIT PhD); and the brainiacs who made personal millions/billions inventing/trading mortgage derivatives.

    MaggotAtBroadAndWall | January 3, 2012 at 10:40 am

    As I’ve said before, if Romney is not bound by an NDA, his “out” will probably come when he discloses who the Bain investors were that benefited from the AMPAD deal.

    I suspect many people are unaware that oftentimes the biggest investors in private equity deals are union pension funds and college endowments. In other words blue collar retirees and colleges and universities that employ left wing academics.

    And even if he is prohibited by an NDA from saying who the specific investors in the AMPAD deal were, he can at least talk generally about the type of investors on whose behalf Bain typically invests.

    I heard it said in the clip that Randy Johnson is now affiliated with the United Steelworkers. It would be a real kick in the pants if the Steelworkers pension plan was a Bain investor – either then or now.

    […] is about to be attacked from the right and the left as a “job killer” at Bain Capital – but here’s the Catch 22 on that line of reasoning; the very reason that […]

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