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    What do you see?

    What do you see?

    Michele Walk, who along with Kathleen helped me out on some social media things and who now works for Engage, links to an interesting post at Mashable about eye tracking of Facebook pages performed by EyeTrackShop Inc.

    Here’s the image of what people see on a Facebook page:


    I’m pretty sure I can’t afford their services, so tell me, what do you see and what to you first look at when you visit the Legal Insurrection home page?


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    herm2416 | December 1, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    I visit you second in the morning, after reading Obamateurism of The Day at Hotair. Then I jump to your bumper sticker of the day. My eyes go straight for it. During the day, I scan the headlines, usually reading the story right away. I seldom skip any of your posts. I never looked at the right column, until you showed shopping links! Now I’ll do all my amazon purchases through you. I still like the soft color background you had on the old web site, I’m not keen on the “read more” button–I prefer the whole story at one crack. All in all, it is great content : )

    windbag | December 1, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    The headlines. I scroll down to see what might be new and what I want to read. Then I check the video of the day to see if it’s a memory I want to relive.

    What I see notice first is the LI banner which lets me know which site I am at (measured in milliseconds). If it is one of my tabs, I know that something piqued my interest at anothers site enough that I wanted to read that particular post.

    However, if LI is in the far left tab, I came here to browse (5-10 in my bookmarks). Because I am a regular reader, I scroll through the recent posts. What I like about your site (and dislike about Althouse’s) is that you pare down long posts on the main page. What I do like about your site, and Ann and Glen’s, is that my preview of what you offer daily/weekly/etc, is accessed via the simple vertical scroll function (Powerline made a mistake going away from this).

    And the blogads positioning is good as that they do not interrupt that simple process, yet are noticeable when I stop and ponder a point.

    barbara | December 1, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    What do I notice? You mean after the really creepy ad from Alan Grayson (bees pee upon him) that I do my best to ignore?

    I start at the top story, look at the headline and whatever text is available, decide to read more or not (assuming it’s not something I’ve already read), look through the comments, then move on to the next story.

    I totally ignore the ads on the right side (I see the Grayson one only when it appears in the same column as your posts), although I will click on one if someone reminds me that doing so will slightly impoverish the leftist idiot in the ad and give you a few cents. ;-p

    myiq2xu | December 1, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    The first thing I always notice is the handsome visage of Professor Jacobson.

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