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    “Savagely lashing news goalie”

    “Savagely lashing news goalie”

    I guess I’m upsetting some people with my vigorous posts regarding Newt.

    Robert Stacy McCain says I’ve “hopped aboard the Gingrich bandwagon and [am] savagely lashing Newt’s critics.”  Actually, the bandwagon jumped on me, because my endorsement predated Newt’s surge, if only by a few days.

    John Sexton of Verum Serum says I’ve been “playing news goalie for Newt,” because I did not accept  his analysis of Newt and Freddie, and criticized the failure of numerous critics of Newt for  downplaying Newt’s call for the “need to improve the regulation of GSE’s.”

    So am I a “savagely slashing lashing news goalie”?

    I have made the case, and people can judge what I say on the merits.  I fully disclosed my support position, so no hidden agenda.  If only the MSM would do that.

    I have pointed out the Newt pile on, and I think people are coming around to my view, not about Newt necessarily but about the almost bizarre treatment of Newt by the conservative media.

    If calling out National Review about it’s martian cover, calling out Ann Coulter about her flip-flop and birther card play, calling out Michele Bachmann for her unfounded “money is changing hands” accusation, and standing up against the Romney strategy of crazy makes me a savagely lashing news goalie, then maybe that is a compliment.

    If Newt is not the nominee, I’ll apply those principles to whomever the nominee is, just like I have done in the past in defending Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and many others who unfairly are targeted.  That’s my territory, and I’m sticking with it.

    (And for the record, I take no offense at the criticism.  Both bloggers do good work and I’ll continue to link to them.)


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