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    Saturday in the snow

    Saturday in the snow

    The first snowfall in Ithaca so far this year.

    • Gingrich poses an asymmetrical threat to Obama.  Isn’t that how you fight an opponent which is better funded and better organized?
    • All those commentators at The Washington Examiner who hate Newt because he was a “lobbyist” in reality if not legally, are curiously silent about Mitt Romney’s Lobbyist Connections.  (I guess lefty-bloggers and websites will have to do the vetting for us, after the nomination.)
    • In a profile of Newt’s conversions to Catholicism which is not a complete and total hit job, NYT makes sure to point out Newt’s a new breed of “culture wars Catholic.”  Because the NYT loved that old breed of Catholic, right?
    • Keystone pipeline is part of payroll “tax” (not really a tax, supposed to be FICA contribution) holiday extension, but not really.  Simply forces Obama to make a decision sooner, but expect him to come up with a non-decision decision.  Nonetheless, a small victory.
    • John Bolton on the greatest misconception that Democrats have about Republicans
    • Rudy in trouble.
    • A different Rudy gives a full-throttled defense of Newt. (h/t hamilcarb in the Tip Line)
    • There will be a third-party on the ballot in all 57 states.  Seems like a Decaffinated Party.  My feeling is that it hurts Obama, what say you?
    • Hezbollah killer of 5 American soldiers handed over to Iraqis.  How long before he’s released or miraculously escapes? (I say weeks not months).
    • Flashback: Hitchens Gives Finger to Maher’s Studio Audience for ‘Frivolous’ Jeering (warning, shows Hitch giving the finger, multiple times)
    • Obama’s mentor makes list of Top 10 anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statements of 2011. (h/t reader Rick)
    • Memories.  Bill Whittle on Palin Haters. (embed below)  Listening to this gets me furious, again.


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    My dream has been to see ____ win the presidency with Bolton as VP, Palin as SecInt, Bachmann as SecTres, John Eastman as AG, and Petraeus as SecDef, with the caveat that each would be allowed to run their department as they see fit.

    Given our current likely slate, this would require Romney to get a clue, or Gingrich to stifle his ego. In fact, both could learn a good lesson from Barack Obama – you are not nearly as smart as you have been led to believe, and your handlers will always lie to you while maneuvering broachable bulkheads behind your back.

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