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    Ryan re-engineers Medicare Plan – Newt was right

    Ryan re-engineers Medicare Plan – Newt was right

    Newt Gingrich has been raked over the coals for using the term “right wing social engineering” with regard to Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan released last spring.  In context, Newt was making the point that the plan as proposed went to far in one fell swoop to pass unless public confidence had been built in advance of passage.

    Newt’s comment, taken out of context of course, now is the main focus of attack for the Romney negative campaign and the proof-positive invoked by almost every well-known conservative Beltway pundit as a disqualifying factor.

    Newt has been proven right, and is owed a huge apology, which of course will not be forthcoming.  Newt was the adult in the room, as it turns out.

    Ryan is abandoning his original plan, and has developed a hybrid in conjunction with Democrat Ron Wydon which does not go as far as the prior plan:

    House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, who has been castigated by Democrats and hailed by Republicans for his plan to privatize Medicare, will on Thursday unveil a new approach that would preserve the 46-year-old federal health program.

    Working with Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden (Ore.), the Wisconsin Republican is developing a framework that would offer traditional, government-run Medicare as an option for future retirees along with a variety of private plans.

    So much for our brilliant conservative Beltway punditry and commentariat.  They got it wrong, they have skewered Newt who got it right, and now they are telling us we should trust their judgment that Newt is not fit for office.

    The world has gone mad.  Or at least the conservative punditry world.


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    I’m a member of the Anybody but Obama group … and I do mean anybody. I liked Cain for his directness, and having been a “fed” myself, his lack of conceit on foreign policy issues was almost refreshing.

    Now, at the moment, literally, we have a Congress & Administration that still cannot seem to pass a “make do” Omnibus Spending Bill, in place of a normal budget, which we have not had for three years. Last time Newt was in office, we had budgets … simple as that. At times with a struggle, but we had budgets in the end.

    I guarantee you that if you are not part of the federal monster you just have no idea how damaging “no real budget” is to operations, and how easy it makes miscellaneous spending bills with tons of pork (theft IMO) to sneak through with little accountability. The Omnibus Spending fiasco is rife with self serving attachments that are not needed … as all non-budget appropriations always are in fact. That is what is holding it up.

    So I give Newt credit for at least having served when budgets were important.

      Aridog in reply to Aridog. | December 15, 2011 at 8:34 am

      Let me add that I am a fan of Paul Ryan. His plan might be detrimental to me financially in some areas, but it is best for the nation as a whole. I can live with it.

    Herein lies the biggest problem. In the current era of politics, we are forced to abide by bread and circuses based legislation. Obviously the people want bread and circues, and so to stay elected politicians have to give these to them. Ryan is just now starting to realize this I suppose.
    Having said that there is a tightrope to walk. If (conservatives) enact what they believe is bet for the country against want the voters want (even stipulating that the voters are stupid) we (conservatives) are opent to the same charge that if often thrown at liberals: It is merely the “educated elite” making decisions for the “plebes.” Sadly I fear this is inescapable.
    Now if this were a case of offering new forms of “bread and Circuses” (as a distraction) a more convincing argument could likely be made, but since it requires changing the status quo, it would seem an unsolvable problem unless we (conservatives) are willing to take upon us the same charge we throw at liberals.

    From what I can gather, Newt’s approach is to not force anything huge down America’s throat, but to offer a choice. Like with his tax plan (which I think is also Perry’s approach, but I don’t remember at the moment). You can either continue paying like you do now or go with the new system. Whichever works best for you. That kind of thing is much more palatable, puts people much more at ease.

    People are making such mountains out of molehills. Newt’s Bain comments were not “communist” for crying out loud. Give me a break. What right had Romney to demand that Newt give back the money he earned? Newt responded in kind. It was tit for tat. And people have gone nuts over it. “Newt is anti-capitalist!” Give me a flippin’ break.

    Ryan: Leaders change the polls.

    That’s all well and good, but I live in Wisconsin. I’ve watched Scott Walker do exactly what he said he would do. And how people just absolutely hate his guts for it. No hearts and minds have been won. People are stupid, they listen to their unions and the bleeding heart media. Walker may win this recall election, but unless he can win some kind of PR war, our next governor will be a Democrat who will just put things back the way they were before.

    And to think, no American has ever had a gun pointed at their head forced to vote for their Statist misery.

    Both The New Deal and The Great Society are failures, why do American citizens keep voting for this unsustainable status quo?

    And how ‘fair’ is it the one generation after another is entitled to destory the next generation?

    Medicare, Social Security have brought a curse upon our land.

    It’s the money. They’ll tell you it is about “qualification” (Sarah Palin) and about “electability” (Gingrich, et al.) but it really is about the money.

    The really popular candidates are all from somewhere besides the East Coast, and they have support from somebody besides the very clubby Ivy League. It’s about preserving their personal connections (money).

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