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    Romney one step closer to Pawlentyville

    Romney one step closer to Pawlentyville

    What did I tell you just this morning.  Mitt Romney needs to take on Newt face-to-face, mano a mano, to demonstrate that Mitt is not Tim Pawlenty, someone who can dish it out through surrogates or in television interviews, but not in person.

    This is a sign that Romney doesn’t want to do it, at least not one on one, Romney Declines Lincoln-Douglas Debate Against Gingrich:

    With the Republican presidential primary appearing to have narrowed into a two-man contest, Human Events and Red State moved quickly to lock down a date for a Lincoln-Douglas-style debate between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

    The two organizations went so far this past Monday as to firm up the Annenberg Theater at the Newseum in Washington as the venue on Dec. 19 after another debate originally scheduled that day was canceled. For its part, the Newseum was excited to host the pre-primary forum.

    There was just one problem. While Gingrich was ready to take his place on the stage, the Romney campaign politely declined in a series of mostly e-mail exchanges.

    As Joe Guerriero, publisher of Human Events and Red State, put it to RCP: “Newt was all over it, and the Romney camp basically said no. It wasn’t a harsh no, but it was a no.”

    Two highly influential publications offer the two leading contenders a chance to have a wide ranging debate on the issues, and to confront each other, and one takes the opportunity while the other one declines.

    I understand why Romney declines.  But it’s just another step on the road to Pawlentyville.

    Update:  This Is A Genius Move By Gingrich

    Newt  Gingrich has invited Jon Huntsman to engage in another long Lincoln-Douglas style debate  on December 12, in Windham New Hampshire. Newt did a similar debate with Herman Cain earlier this year. Huntsman accepted.

    It’s a genius move for Gingrich, and a good one by Huntsman. Romney has declined an invitation to engage Gingrich in this kind of debate.

    Newt Gingrich gets to elevate Huntsman in New Hampshire, which could hurt Mitt  Romney.

    Gingrich believes that he can beat anyone in a debate and will look smarter  than any of his opponents. The more air-time he gets, the better for  him.

    Mitt Romney looks like a chicken for not accepting a debate challenge with his chief rival.



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    damocles | December 2, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Newt is using these debate offers to hide his real problems. Newt gets to play Professor and slap down the “ignorant” while he doesn’t have to face the really hard questions on immigration board amnesty ( Newt calls it “a path to legality”), government intervention to solve global warming, (Newt says, “sitting on the couch wth Pelosi was a mistake”,) what about the actual global warming Newt? and then Newts infideilites and his Fannie and Freddie Mae lovefests all get ignored until the General when the MSM will smack him down. He’s using debates as cover, he’s the consummate inside-the-beltway-politican.
    No-one left in the GOP field should debate him. Make Newt play on a different field and answer the hard questions. We already have style over substance with the slick debater in the whie House currently.

    Is it November of 2012 yet?

    I used to hate newt from the 1990’s, I was a clinton voter and supporter.

    If Newt is the nominee, count me as someone who will be donating to him and heck I’ll even campaign for him just to get that moron in the WH kicked out nov’ 2012.

    ABO. Apparently the dems aka MSM thinks independents won’t vote for Newt, I’m an independent voter, a ex-dem, I’ll vote for Romney, or Newt. I don’t know who I’ll support but whoever I see as the best, stronger candidate to kick out Barry next novemeber gets my vote, and oh yea that includes the Newtster, who I used to run to find my remote when he was on TV so I could change the change in the 90’s.

    […] here’s commentary from the man behind the title for this post… Two highly influential publications offer the two leading contenders a chance to have a wide […]

    WarEagle82 | December 3, 2011 at 12:17 am

    One of the things that concerns me is that it is early December and the GOP nomination appears to be a two-man race. Between two establishment candidates trying ever-so-hard to convince us that the other guy is the establishment contest.

    Not a single primary vote has been cast or counted and our choice is between a liberal GOP former governor and a former Speaker of the House who has frequently offered up conservative ideas but rarely implemented any of them when he was in control of the levers of power.

    2012 is nearly here and we seem to find ourselves with the GOP establishment and MSM having picked our candidates before the first vote was recorded. Frankly, I smell a rat…

    TeaPartyPatriot4ever | December 3, 2011 at 1:41 am

    What does this say about Romney.. exactly.. This says that the candidate Mr Romney, hasn’t the skill, knowledge, expertise, and confidence, to debate on Newt, one on one.. How can he be expected to lead the Nation as President, if he’s too afraid, and doesn’t even have the courage to debate a competitive candidate, one on one..

    What it also says about Mr. Romney, besides being afraid, is that he has no integrity, and is a political coward. Mr Romney is absolutely not qualified to be the U.S. President. No one wants an ill qualified political coward, as the U.S. President, especially not as a Republican.

    Ronald Reagan was never afraid to take on any one, in any debate, let alone on a one on one exchange..

    Romney makes a Patriotic Conservative want to puke with disgust.. Can you imagine as a Romney supporter, besides having to swallow that issue of Romney’s implementation of his beloved forced mandated State Socialized Healthcare Medicine program- Ronmneycare, which he refuses to admit was wrong in so many ways, then says he will repeal Obamacare if elected, even though Romneycare and Obamacare, are both the same thing.. You just gotta love his hypocrisy and lies.. as he thinks he’s cute, and no one will question him on it.. He couldn’t even take a few questions from Brett Baier, a Fox News Host, the other day, and Brett was rather light on him.. and he still whined about it..

    These are the facts, and the fact of the matter is, Romney is a political coward, who is scared to debate Newt, one on one..

    Now, try swallowing that, as a Romney Republican Primary voter.. and if the individual Primary voter does vote for Romney, they will be issued nose plugs, so they won’t have to smell the stink of their own vote..

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