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    “Really, this party is too dumb to live”

    “Really, this party is too dumb to live”

    Some people in the Republican Party want to follow John McCain’s policy of not going after Obama personally:

    Republicans on a private Republican National Committee conference call with allies warned Tuesday that party surrogates should refrain from personal attacks against President Barack Obama, because such a strategy is too hazardous for the GOP.

    “We’re hesitant to jump on board with heavy attacks” personally against President Obama, Nicholas Thompson, the vice president of polling firm the Tarrance Group, said on the call. “There’s a lot of people who feel sorry for him.”

    Here’s Michael Walsh’s response at NRO:

    I took some grief on the recent NR cruise by telling the group that I thought Mitt Romney would lose to Barack Obama rather handily. That for some mysterious reason Obama continues to have relatively strong personal-approval numbers and a substantial, reliable base, which Romney doesn’t. As a typical standard-issue Republican, Romney wouldn’t have the heart or the courage to take the fight to the president, but instead would debate around the edges, and lose…

    Gee, if Obama’s personal-approval numbers are still high, why would you want to take them down? Let them stay there, lest the Democrat-Media Complex accuse you of being a blue meanie.

    Remember, GOP: principles, not policies. Principles, not policies. Principles, not policies.

    It’s not Obama’s policies that are the problem, it’s Obama and everything he represents and stands for. Engage the president on the deepest, most potent level, or join John McCain and Bob Dole on the ash heap of history.

    Really, this party is too dumb to live.

    I’m still formulating a response.  Just as soon as I can calm down.


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    Subotai Bahadur | December 7, 2011 at 12:01 am

    There is a common thread here. Sarah Palin stood up and fought back. And was hated more by the Institutional Republicans than by the Democrats. And the Democrats hate her with the passion of 1000 exploding suns. Rick Perry, before he proved that thinking on his feet was not his forte, stood up and fought Obama. And faced the opposition of the Institutionals. Herman Cain stood up and fought back, whatever his other character faults. And before his background came out, the Institutionals hated him for outshining their tame Romney. Newt, for whatever his faults [and they are many and earlier tonight I made a caller from his campaign quite nervous by listing them] has reserved his effective fire for the Leftist enemy and not his fellow Republicans. And is soaring because of it. And the Institutionals are in a panic. Trying to keep the meme of Romney as frontrunner operative when he is behind by 10-20 points is proving more than they can do. So we see Institutionals like NR going stark raving Chiroptera feces trying to tear him down.

    Anyone see a pattern? To gain the lead, you have to fight the Enemy. And doing so, means that the pre-selected choice of the Institutionals fails. So they take after the leader, and now are signalling that fighting the Enemy is now beneath the Republican Party. And hope to enforce it.

    TeaPartyPatriot4ever @ December 6, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    If the “Constitutional Conservative Party of the Republic” forms, I am there. It is ten times overpast for the Institutionals to go the way of the Whigs. Henry Hawkins is right about keeping fighting the political battle. We may have to concentrate on electing Patriots to Congress to battle the Institutionals and the Democrats acting in concert. But it is what we have to deal with, and our efforts will shape the future battlefield, political or … otherwise.

    Subotai Bahadur

    This is more than an excellent post; it is a call to action. I am going to write Reince Priebus today and tell him that the GOP will not get one cent of my money until and unless I see some aggressive, BHO-is-by-far-the-worst-president-since-Jimmy-Carter-and-maybe-even-worse-than-Carter advertising.

    I saw Newt’s new ad, and it’s nice, but way too touchy feely. In an interview with Matt Lauer in the beginning of his reign, Barack Obama said he should only serve one term if he could not fix the economy. We should play that video over and over and over and over. He didn’t “fix” the economy; he made it worse. Q.E.D.

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