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    Mitt was for Newt’s brilliant intellect, before he went zany for it

    Mitt was for Newt’s brilliant intellect, before he went zany for it

    Mitt Romney has been doubling and tripling down on the strategy of crazy attempting to portray Newt as mentally unfit for office.

    Part of that strategy is to characterize Newt as “zany.” Romney stood by the accusation this morning on Fox News Sunday.

    But that’s not how Romney described Newt in 2007, when in a word association game he called Newt “brilliant, a wonderful ideas generator.” (h/t @AKaczynski1)

    What has changed about Newt’s intellect since 2007? Nothing, other than that he now is the main challenger to Romney.


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    BarbaraS | December 19, 2011 at 1:22 am

    Are we sure Mitt Romney is really a human being? He looks like a very well made robot. Maybe the repulican establishment is playing a gigantic joke on us.

    bogopogo | December 19, 2011 at 1:24 am

    Ahhh… yes. This is much more news worthy than Gingrich’s comments on the judiciary.

    It’s funny the lengths you’re traveling in order to try and keep Newt in a good light.

    I think we’re starting to see more and more “bad Newt” pop up.

    I just don’t think he can help himself.

    Glen Reynolds December 18, 2011 post is instructive:

    “GINGRICH ON JUDICIAL REVIEW. On the one hand, everybody’s dumping on Gingrich, for mostly good reason. On the other hand, who can seriously argue that the constitutional law that comes from the Supreme Court is in fact very closely related to the text of the Constitution itself? I mean, if the Court were doing such a great job, would we see strange bedfellows arguing for a constitutional reset? Indeed, I was talking to a fellow lawprof the other day, and one who’s certainly no right-winger, who said he’d hate to have to teach Constitutional Law because of the hash the Supreme Court has made of things over the past 50 years or so. I was surprised to hear that, but it suggests a certain shakiness to current foundations.

    Gingrich is very good at tossing a stinkbomb over the transom, and letting the ensuing reaction demonstrate that there’s something rotten about the status quo. It’s not so clear that this talent is desirable in a President, however. And, even if it is, it’s even less clear that it’s conducive to being elected President. What’s more, I’d say that Gingrich, if elected President, will share one of Barack Obama’s flaws: The tendency to say things that might be interesting if said by a professor, but that have a lot more impact than is desirable when said by a President.

    Posted at 11:50 pm by Glenn Reynold

    Why is everyone accepting “zany” as a pejorative? If I were Newt I’d thank McRomney for the compliment.

    No contender for president in 2011 is beyond political attack. That goes for Romney, Gingrich and Obama.

    I researched this claim about the supposed concept of mirrors in space attributed to Gingrich in 1984 and never found a direct citation… just hearsay.

    Remember that in 1983 Reagan proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) aka ‘Star Wars.’ Far fetched it was for the level of engineering technology at the time. It wasn’t feasible.
    But, the mere concept, and determination to bring it to reality, was what drove the Soviet Union into bankruptcy as they spent money to counter it. Reagan also proposed the Space Plane in the same time frame that would take passengers above the atmosphere allowing it to travel at hyper-sonic speeds. People were thinking outside the box. Newt was thinking outside the box.

    So… I watched as Mitt Romney sat facing Chris Wallace and observed him. Anyone remember what he wore? Jeans and loafers, with a jacket and no tie. Romney can never be “one of us.” He was born into a politically well-connected privileged life and pretense otherwise is phoney.

    Newt is not a phoney… he is one of us. Mitt is not, and will never be, one of us.

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