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    Mitt: No debate with Newt out of “respect” for other candidates

    Mitt: No debate with Newt out of “respect” for other candidates

    In the least shocking news ever, Mitt Romney, who taunted Newt by saying that Newt could not take the heat of negative advertising run by a pro-Romney SuperPAC, refuses to take Newt up on the challenge of a one-on-one debate next week:

    “We’ve had many occasions to debate together and we’ll have more, I presume quite a few more, before this is finished,” Romney told The Associated Press. “But I’m not going to narrow this down to a two-person race while there are still a number of other candidates that are viable, important candidates in the race. I want to show respect to them.”

    ’nuff said.


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    turfmann | December 22, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    Mitt should be afraid of debating Newt – Newt would wipe the floor with him and that would mean that Mitt’s hair would be mussed up.

    Just remember, all you Romney supporters, that Mitt was the guy who lost to the guy who lost to the man who became the worst President in American history.

    ‘nuf said.

    BurkeanBadger | December 22, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    Can someone please explain to me why Romney is under obligation to accept Newt’s offer? Why exactly is he supposed to agree to a debate on Newt’s terms in a format Newt proposed primarily because Newt knows it benefits him? Why exactly should Romney agree to an event which does little more than give Newt a soapbox in primetime, for free, to pontificate?

    Please don’t tell me that it’s because Romney is a “coward” and afraid to face Newt. Romney has performed incredibly well in every single Republican debate thus far; his biggest “gaffe” (if you can call it that) was offering a $10K bet, which *might* have seemed insensitive to middle America. Ooooh!

    Romney is acting like a front-runner. He is under no pressure to agree to the whims of a poorly funded and poorly organized (cf. Virginia) challenger who needs as much free airtime as he can get. If Newt cannot afford to pay to get his message out, that’s Newt’s problem, not Romney’s. (And by the way, I could care less if Romney’s campaign takes money from lobbyists).

    Mitt (and particularly his people) stumbled a little during the week or two after Gingrich’s rise. But, they seem to be back in their stride. Barring a major gaffe or scandal, Mitt is on his way to a narrow victory in Iowa (with Paul and Santorum second and third) a comfortable victory in New Hampshire and then a showdown in South Carolina…where he will still have the advantage.

    I doubt Newt’s campaign will survive after South Carolina. Indeed, Newt might be finished after New Hampshire. But, hey, he’ll be free to take another long vacation and buy Callista more jewelry from Tiffany’s…

    Never knew there were so many weasel defenders in the world. Strange.

    TeaPartyPatriot4ever | December 23, 2011 at 5:18 am

    Romney is a pathetic weasel of a man, who couldn’t stand up and fight, to save his pathetic disgusting crony liberal Republican RINO hypocrite life.  He reminds me of these kids who afraid to fight, so they would throw rocks, call names from afar, then runaway when chased after..  That’s exactly how Romney behaves.. He’s spineless political coward, on top of being a crony capitalist liberal republican Party RINO lying hypocrite elitist, and should never be allowed to be the US President, period. 

    Romney’s great character is standing on a fence, so he can turn on a dime, like a wind directional finder, whenever a position needs to be flip-flopped on, for political convenience. as well as his crony capitalism, in his claims of job creation, and especially his liberal forced mandated State Socialized Medicine healthcare system, aka, Romneycare, the model for Obamacare, as his e-mail records as Gov. of Mass., would have proven his guilt, until he had them all deleted.

    Newt, with his record open for all to see, has accomplished much in his life, like forcing Bill Clinton to reform Welfare and Balancing the US Fed. budget, 3 years in a row, giving America a financial surplus, and not leaving a massive deficit and debt to our children. He is far more knowledgeable and coherent about the issues, and problems we face, than Romney will ever be.. Newt will intellectually, competently, and coherently, wipe up Romney and Obama, with ease.

    Romney’s signature accomplishment is Romneycare, the forced mandated State Socialized Medicine healthcare system, that Obama used to set up Obamacare with, for which we now have to wait til the U.S. Supreme Court strikes it down, or we have to completely repeal it legislatively, when the new Republican President takes over in Jan 2013. And thus is the question, how can, or would we trust Romney to repeal a system for which he set up in Mass, and refuses to say was bad, and is bankrupting the State, with State Tax payer govt subsidies to the healthcare providers, hospitals, insurance companies, and so on, all the while providing substandard and inferior healthcare, to it’s State residents because of it..

    This on top of all the other corny capitalist gimmicks, that Romney screwed around with in Mass, which is why he had all of his Gov’s office e-mails deleted before he left office, as well as deny anyone access to his records.

    RickCaird | December 23, 2011 at 9:23 am

    “…I want to show respect to them.”

    Does anybody, anywhere believe that is the reason
    Romney will not debate Gingrich one on one?

    Oh, wait, Romney is lying. What a surprise.

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