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    Kamikaze conservative

    Kamikaze conservative

    Ann, we get it, you support Mitt and you don’t like Newt.  Nothing wrong with that, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    But in the quest to sink the U.S.S. Newt, you are becoming a political kamikaze.

    First, you played the birther card on the entire Tea Party movement, claiming that the only reason Romney does not get Tea Party support is that Tea Party supporters want someone “bombastically” to demand Obama’s birth certificate and call him a Kenyan.

    Your birther card play was eerily similar to Glenn Beck suggesting that any Tea Party supporter who preferred Newt over Obama did so based on race.

    The Tea Party movement was the single greatest motivating force behind Republican wins in 2010, and is a critical component of any winning Republican coalition in 2012.  Romney himself recognizes this as he has been trying to portray himself as the “ideal Tea Party” candidate.  Almost no one believes it, but at least Romney was appealing to the Tea Party while you were willing to torpedo the Tea Party to sink Newt.

    Now you are following Beck down another destructive path, insisting that Newt is so bad you would prefer Ron Paul (h/t HotAir via Right Scoop):

    Ron Paul?  How do you get from supporting someone who still stands by Romneycare to someone who wants to go back to the gold standard?  Or at least, how to you make that intellectual journey with a straight face?

    You have reached the point where your persona is about to crash into the conservative aircraft carrier.  It’s not too late to pull back.  Chris Christie is waiting for you on shore.


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    Sorry for the double hit . . . I didn’t realize the first one had posted as I was gathering a few illustrative links for my comment. Curiously, the preview did not disappear, and I didn’t think I had hit “Submit.”

    Talk about blowing up your brand. Coulter has crunched herself up into the little bitty ball of Christie-is-the-only-one which morphed to Romney-is-the-only-one. Neither Christie nor Romney are Reagan conservatives. Newt isn’t either, but he at least has some fundamental national conservative achievements under his belt.

    Didn’t O’Donnell endorse Romney, and Romney welcome her support?

    What’s the guffawing in the video about her endorsement? Coulter seems to be implying that anyone pleased by an O’Donnell endorsement is a bozo.

    Even my Sweet Baboo Mark Steyn is having Newt problems, though he has done more a Death Blossom (unaware that he is hitting Reagan, Palin, Steven Hayward and conservative consultants in attacking Newt) than a Kamikaze in his latest NR article. At least Steyn overtly praises Sarah Palin as one of the riches of the Republican party and points out major conservative errors that both Newt and Mitt have. Can’t say the same for Coulter.

    TeaPartyPatriot4ever | December 21, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    If Ann Coulter had a standard set of principles, by which she praised those who fit it, and denounced those who did not, on a consistent basis, I would say she would be credible..  but when she goes from candidate to another, trashing one, then praising them, which her applied conservative principles are only used for convenience, instead of a steady rule, then she becomes un-credible and loony as the those on MSNBC, and so on..

    This is just more evidence that Ann Coulter is a Republican party establishment crony hack RINO jour-no-list, who has nothing but contempt and disdain for any and all patriotic tea party constitutional Reagan conservatives, in the Republican Party.. Crony Capitalist Republican Party RINO candidates like Romney, whom she once denounced, but now adores, exposes her hypocrisy and the result is her crackpot hack crony journalist mentality, is now showing for all to see..

      TeaPartyPatriot4ever . . . here’s a thought.

      Why not string together a slew of pejoratives and just spit them in a lump at Ann? You know, like . . . all at once? And while you’re at it, please be sure to omit any factual explanation whatsoever as to why those little gobs of spit balls of yours all fit so nicely together!

      It should be enough that you know what you mean, no? I mean, it’s not like you need to persuade anyone else of your views.

      As you seem to suggest, supporting one candidate, who subsequently reaffirmed his disinclination to run this year, and then deciding to support another candidate in the race, is proof enough of real treachery!

      The horror!

      As we all know, serial name calling is indeed the most time tested and effective form of written critique!

      Yep. Take that Ann, you … you … “Republican party establishment crony hack RINO jour-no-list” with your “crackpot hack crony journalist mentality …”!

      Whew! I feel better already.

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