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    I interrupt this primary race for …

    I interrupt this primary race for …

    other things:

    • House Republicans reportedly caving in, and agreeing to two month extension with conference committee to be appointed.  This whole thing is a big mess, and Tina Korbe at HotAir has a good explanation of where it went wrong.
    • Did you watch Obama’s press statement?  It really was awful.  The panderer in chief did not once mention that the pizza night out money was coming from money that was supposed to go to the social security trust fund.  Even the Editors of USA Today were able to figure it out.
    • Tweet of the Day, from moi:  “How many pizza nights out could one buy 4 cost of $4 million Hawaii vacation?”
    • U.N. gets something done, holds minute of silence in honor of mass murderer and enslaver of an entire people (I know, there are so many possibilities, but I think you can guess who).
    • Joe Biden may get his wish and see Iraq split into pieces.
    • How’s that Arab Spring working out? “The latest news coming out of Egypt reveals that the country is experiencing  nothing short of a catastrophe.”
    • Great news for Israel.  Turkey’s PM Erdogan has a new worst enemy … wait for it … France.
    • More to follow.
    • Oh, Yes.  Thank you to everyone who has been using the Amazon link for shopping and the donations and subscriptions.

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    alan markus | December 22, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Isn’t this Obama’s way of giving a wet sloppy kiss to those who work, but don’t pay income tax? You can’t give tax breaks to someone who doesn’t pay taxes, so this is the next best thing. This is always the problem with “tax holidays” – people got used to the lower amount, and now “something is being taken away”.

    Henry Hawkins | December 22, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    It’s not even folks’ worst complaint about Obama, but his administration has purposefully acted in such a way that is literally killing people – his administration is directly responsible for the death of over 200 and rising Mexican citizens and US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Fast and Furious. This, plus a half dozen other major goofs and screwups, as Obama begins his reelection. It would seem the GOP could nominate one of Hot Air’s Lawn Gnomes and beat this guy. And yet, my best assessment allows for the real possibility that the GOP is going to screw this up. I can feel it coming sometimes, hear the distant whining wafting in with the evening wind….

    iambasic | December 23, 2011 at 8:08 am

    Why is it when the Republicans are actually winning an argument and the Democrats show themselves as the blathering idiots they are the Republican leadership pulls out the rug of victory so they can face plant themselves onto the floor of defeat?

    How hard is it to contrast a measly $40 with a $4 MILLION dollar extravaganza?!!!

    How hard is it to promote the TRUTH that a 2 month extension is impossible to implement?!!!

    I suppose it doesn’t help when the annointed smartest person who is supposedly on our side (*cough*Krauthammer*) throws the Republican House under the bus with stupid leftist talking points!!!

    A tax cut is a tax cut is a tax cut. The Republican Party should be for tax cuts, always and for as long as possible. The only grounds for opposing this particular cut is that it’s accompanied by a tax increase on mortgages.

    Henry Hawkins | December 23, 2011 at 10:57 am

    It is NOT a tax cut, Milhouse. It’s a 30% reduction in the 6% of your pay that the feds take out for Social Security. It is a *funding*, not a tax, an entirely different payroll accounting category. It is paid for by simply diverting Social Security funding. Social Security will be paid for in myriad other ways (mortgage tax, for one) from taxpayer money, so there is no saving, just money shuffled around to look like a ‘tax cut’. It is a puppet/strawman trick constructed solely for political purposes.

    Even if it was a true tax cut, where the money remains in the economy, it isn’t nearly enough to have any stimulative effect on the economy whatsoever. Even if was a true tax cut, it is very poor legislation.

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