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    Herman Cain suspends campaign (Reader Poll)

    Herman Cain suspends campaign (Reader Poll)

    Herman Cain just announced that he is suspending his campaign.

    “As false accusations against me continued, they have sidetracked and distracted my ability to present solutions to the American people.”

    “Because of these false and unproved accusations it has paid and had a tremendous painful” effect on my family.

    The false allegations have been spun “so as to create a cloud of doubt over me and my family … that spin hurts, it hurts my wife, it hurts my family, it hurts me, and it hurts the American people because you are being denied solutions.”

    “Those false and unproved allegations are not true.”

    “I am at peace with my God.  I am at peace with my wife, and she is at peace with me…. and I am at peace with myself.”

    “Becoming president was Plan A … as of today …. I am suspending presidential campaign.”

    “I am not going to be silenced and I’m not going away…. Today launching … to promote transfer of power out of Washington … 999 campaign … energy independence….” etc.

    Will be making endorsement soon.

    Running for president “a dirty game.”

    “I will never apologize for the greatness of the United States of America”

    UPDATE: Politico reacts to Cain announcement.

    Reader Poll — Did Herman Cain make the right decision in suspending his campaign? (Poll open until Noon Sunday)


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    Cowboy Curtis | December 3, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Do most of you think he did not have an affair with the woman, or do you just think the press made the whole thing up?

    Honest question.

      dmacleo in reply to Cowboy Curtis. | December 3, 2011 at 3:32 pm

      I think the press took a non-affair and made it into a sexual affair and they did it with glee.

      Henry Hawkins in reply to Cowboy Curtis. | December 3, 2011 at 4:26 pm

      Can’t know without more information, but the serial nature of the sexual harrassment charges followed by the longterm affair charges felt an awful lot like operatives with a plan throwing more and more mud until the target went down. First one allegation comes, with not much harm to Cain. So, here comes another, with some harm to Cain, but no knockout punch. Then comes the alleged affair accusation which finally got Cain to quit. It didn’t seem to roll out in any organic, genune way, as it would were it true. It did roll out just like a smear campaign would though.

      I was fine with Cain until I heard him speak on foreign affairs and policy. It is no sin to not have a grasp on every aspect of governance. It is a sin to be totally unprepared on a major topic for debate, particularly the debate which focused specifically on foreign policy. Although for different reasons, Cain’s foreign policy scared me as much as does Ron Paul’s. I was souring on Cain prior to the harrassment/affair allegations.

      syn in reply to Cowboy Curtis. | December 3, 2011 at 4:30 pm

      Honestly,theJourno-listic manner in which Cain was condemned we will never truthfully know what happened which is why this Journo-listic practice is so damaging to the democratic process. The man was accused without evidence and for that he was hanged.

      Now that Cain is dead, the Journo-listers will get back to manufacturing stories about Perry’s Racist Rock.

    I’m upset that the DNK (Dem Nat’l Klan) won. Those scum who will cover for the likes of Edwards, Jackson, Mfume, et al, just kept the plantation stray down. Cain didn’t really have a chance after he repeatedly displayed his total lack of interest in foreign policy. The smear on Cain was a vendetta, and the message to all conservative minority candidates is unambiguous.

      syn in reply to JerryB. | December 3, 2011 at 4:36 pm

      With President Obama in office maintaining a foreign policy of deceit and lies what American-candidate or otherwise-can honestly speak about foreign policy?

      The only person who can honestly speak about foreign policy is the person who defeats Obama, is sworn into office and can look at how much damage Obama has done to America’s foreign policy.

    […] “RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IS A DIRTY GAME:” Herman Cain suspends campaign. […]

    martin.hale | December 3, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Without offering any opinion on whether I think Mr. Cain is guilty of what is alleged of him, I still have to wonder, did he not think his past life was going to be subjected to intense scrutiny, and not in a friendly way? I wondered the same about Mr. Edwards last time around. Do these folks really think all their past indiscretions aren’t going to be dug up?

    Both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama (or at least their campaign advisers) seemed to operate on the presumption that their pasts were going to be subject to such treatment. I can surmise that from the fact that their campaigns took special pains to seal off whatever they could well before they got their campaigns underway. Mr. Obama has been in office nearly three years and we still have no record of his college activities and achievements, same with Ms. Clinton.

    Do these other people really think that their political enemies aren’t going to unleash a small army of investigators to turn over the smallest details of their lives? Did Mr. Edwards really think that his indiscretion with what’s-her-name was going to be held like a national secret? Did Mr. Cain really think that the harassment case while at NRA was magically going to remain invisible?

    I’m asking out of curiosity, not enmity towards Mr. Cain – he was my favourite of the lot and I’m disappointed that he’s fizzled out so soon.

      JEBurke in reply to martin.hale. | December 3, 2011 at 6:13 pm

      Considering how many pols have crashed and burned due to past or current sexual escapades, the answer must be, yes, each one thinks he is different — special, really — and won’t get tripped up.

    Congratualtions Politico and the liberal media, you’re doing your best to protect your man Obama.

    First they did this to Hillary in 2008, once she was gone out of the primaries, then on to Mccain/Palin, then the Tea Party, now Herman Cain (and he does deserve a lot of blame if he thought none of these allegations would come out), next it will be Newt, and then whoever the republican nominee is.

    I saw the post about Politico’s website dive. Well, I was someone who read Politico pretty regularly its a piece of trash, they NEVER went after Obama’s reszko connections, Rev Wright, nothing. Like I said A PIECE OF TRASH, right up there with MSDNC (many of Politico’s former employees are now MSDNC employees, like Chuckie Toad), and oh yea, I’m a recovering democrat saying this.

    CONGRATULATIONS POLITICO. Now, on to the next political republican target, eh?

    As for Cain, I truely feel sorry for his lovely wife, who seems like such a nice lady and the rest of his family, unfortunately Cain didn’t know the rules, if you are a minority and a conservative, the liberal mainstream press will not protect you, if you are a liberal, hell yea, they will coddle you, lie for you, cover for you, everything.

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